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We are Proud to be Named – “The Best Digital Event Agency at the 2022”

The 2022 Digital Event Award (Second Digital Event Awards) took place on 31 March 2022 to showcase many celebrations and developments that event organizers and suppliers have adopted and their subsequent excellence in digital events.

BW Events Tech is proud to be named the Best Digital Event Agency at the 2022 Digital Event Awards!

This team has come so far in a short amount of time and we would not be where we are without our incredible team of experts and our loyal clients who collaborate with us and trust us to execute event technology solutions for their event portfolios. We are so grateful and excited for what’s ahead in our industry.
We send our congratulations to all the winners! View the complete list here:

(Don’t be fooled by the word, digital. BW Events Tech offers full on-site event technology solutions, too!)

Over the past decade, BW Events has consulted agencies, event planners, and program managers on their event technology needs. Visit with us and learn how BW has created industry disruption within events.

The diversity of the type of event put on by BW Events Tech separated them from the rest, with the different objectives the agency faced also being a standout feature of the entry for the judges. The quality of submission also stood out to judges, with it hitting every criteria for a winning entry.

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