Over the past decade, BW Events has consulted agencies, event planners, and program managers on their event technology needs. Visit with us and learn how BW has created industry disruption within events.

What we offer

BW Events

Whether you are planning a virtual or in-person event, our professionals will carefully assess your needs, offer recommended solutions and cover any or all of the following services: technology architecture, technical project management, event design, configuration, QA, integrations, load testing, contact center support, and analytics.

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How We Work

How we work


First, we listen and do research to fully understand your business profile. From here we create a targeted technology strategy to drive success. For us, results are what matters most!


Whether you are arranging a virtual or in-person event, with the proper strategy as our guide we generate, develop & architect your technology to exceed expectations. This includes guiding the user-experience best-practice while ensuring alignment to brand.


The best part is when we bring our ideas to life. We have played a key role in delivering high-quality and thoroughly tested products and services with efficient resource allocation.


In our post-project review, we assess and evaluate the return on investment, review the technology strategy and solicit feedback. This report offers key learnings and drives future innovation.

Why Choose Us?

We bring decades of experience specializing in event technology. Here are some of the reasons why our clients love working with us:
  • We become a partner who understands all of our client’s systems, platforms, and data and can ensure the client’s technology strategy facilitates their strategic goals. We also provide industry best-practice and often guide our client’s through the end-to-end to build our event experience. Often SaaS platforms don’t allow customization, but we can work with these platforms to bridge that gap
  • We offer our clients the ability to scale their technology resources by offering technical project managers, architects, designers, production, testing, same-day support and more
  • For those client’s looking to sort out the right event platform, we have done our research and can recommend the best solution available. We approach this being platform agnostic and with training in a couple dozen different platforms
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What we can do for you
  • We have soperience
  • When clients are looking for custom work on their event platform, we come to the table to auglutions for hybrid strategy and build that optimizes spend and resources
  • We develop a holistic and centralized technology stack for your events (and event teams) that minimize load on data privacy processes, optimize economies of scale, and enhance innovation across an organization
  • We have a catalog of plug-and-play engagement widgets that can elevate any virtual or hybrid event

Which event approach is right for you?

Our group has played a key role in the technology implementation and strategy. We look forward to taking some time with you to carefully understand your needs and provide solutions that matter most.
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More solutions for you

Our range of services including

  • Custom engagement widgets that can plug into most event platform
  • From white-glove to supplementary build, support and troubleshooting resources
  • Global event technology strategist: oversee all technology platforms across an organization
  • Custom development of new features
  • Custom design and UX implementation that aligns with brand
  • Advanced integrations, including data mapping with internal CRMs and marketing automation platforms
  • AI-personalization across events
  • Data analytics and dashboard development

15 Minute Rehearsal

Use our 15-minute rehearsal time to your advantage. Get along with our meetings, which are entirely hosted and conducted online and can be viewed or participated in from anywhere in the globe.

What we can do for you

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