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Intuit’s Platform Standardization


Problem Statement

Intuit expressed a desire to standardize their approach to their event technology stack. Their challenges described were:
• Lack of synergy and technology collaboration amongst the various event teams
• Too many platform vendors and contract renewals to manage
• Multiple platforms added complexity to data strategies, cross-event report and personalization strategies
• Missing out on economies of scale
• Internal training on platforms was becoming too costly
• Data privacy team was working harder to ensure privacy compliance. Lack of standardization led to more info security reviews
• Multiple platforms suggested heavier workload and cost for integrating with marketing automation platforms

Solution to the Tech Stack Standardization Challenge

BW Events was contracted in order to bring some industry consulting, standardization, and architecture to the team. Immediately, the team went to work producing the following:
• Interviewed the event team(s) to document use-cases, priorities, budgets
• Developed matrices to showcase the various platform options and how they aligned with the team’s priorities
• Produced recommendations based on analysis
• Once tech stack was confirmed, BW worked with data privacy and procurement to assist and facilitate the on-boarding and vendor management
• Initial templates and playbooks were developed to assist with the implementation of the tech stack across multiple event teams and internal organizations
• Implemented the overall architecture to ensure proper development of SSO, and integration with marketing automation
• As more teams adopted the tech stack, the BW team developed a process by which contingency planning, automation, innovation, and problem solving were synergized


• Per registration cost dropped from ~$6/ registrant to 27 cents!
• Innovation and ideation shared across teams
• Fewer data privacy reviews (faster data privacy response time when reviews are required)
• A global QA/testing plan adopted
• A personalization strategy is now underway that leverages machine learning tools
• 88 events and 131k registrants have passed through same tech stack permitting strong event-to-event reporting
• More teams trained and increased sharing

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