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Sometimes your tech stack just needs a little bit more magic. With our team of custom developers and professional services we can help put the ‘fun’ in functionality. Our custom solutions range from innovative reporting solutions to integrations to micro-contracts of support.

Custom Solutions Catalog

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General Platform Support


Need a bit of extra help with your event tech? With our tech specialist bundles, you can enjoy help from one of our professionals when you need it. Versed in almost every event tech platform, we can help support registration, email configuration, event data management, event website configuration, reporting, mobile app support, API integrations as well as being available as a resource for general questions, troubleshooting and guidance.

BW Event Center


This fully custom content portal can be used as a central hub for your past, present and future events. Built with a focus on clean-flowing information, the event center is both event and video platform agnostic, meaning events housed on multiple platforms can be centralized in this one convenient space.

Features of this portal include one-click registration for return users, data-driven content recommendations and cognitive search within videos. Pulling from all your events, specific playlists of content are displayed for a thoughtful user experience. Watch how analytics are integrated with the reporting engine for robust content metrics.

Cadmium x Swoogo Session


Sometimes you need to take your session management to the next level. With our fully branded Cadmium x Swoogo integration, you can enjoy the power of Swoogo as an event platform and Cadmium for session management. Keep all your data in sync in Swoogo while collecting updates in Cadmium.

Custom Agenda


Is your current agenda missing something? Maybe you have a specific way you would like to filter, display, or apply style specific to your brand. Going beyond out-of-the-box functionality, we can make your agenda dreams come true with custom development. Include advanced functionality like custom bookmarking, session level add to calendar, custom field filters and more.

Reporting Engine


What happens when your event platform doesn’t quite meet your data needs? With the BW reporting engine you can pull multiple streams of data into one place, automate your processes with live reporting and make informed decisions with the insights generated. Ideal for clients who need advanced and instant analytic capabilities, we’ve created this as a solution so anyone’s event reporting can be taken to the next level.

Swoogo Block Registration


Do you need group registration that allows each member of your group to fill out their own information and to choose and pay for their own add ons? Maybe you need to have a group leader that is not attending the event themselves. We’ve got the solution for you! Perfect for events where companies want to take advantage of early-bird pricing before they’ve confirmed who they are sending or for admins who want to easily manage their groups.

Swoogo No Show Script


At the end of an event, the last thing you want is to be blocked from taking action. This custom script flips all missing on-site attendees to no show status. This means they do not have to be manually updated and reduces risk that someone will receive an incorrect follow up email.

Need help for a few weeks? For just one part of the event? Or for the whole thing? We fill your gaps so that you can be efficient and successful. With our custom solutions, you can rest assured knowing that our team both manages the process and implements solutions so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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