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Custom Widgets

Looking to maximize retention and attendee experience on any event platform? Or maybe a little more fun in your next event? Our custom built widgets are just the thing.

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Keeping attendee attention in a digital environment is no small task. That’s why we’ve created a catalog of BW Widgets to help enhance your event attendee’s experience, reinforce your brand, create unique virtual opportunities for sponsors and help attendees get the most value out of their time on the event platform.

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As a platform agnostic team, we work with our in-house team of developers to add these tools and widgets directly into your event. That means no matter what event platform you’re using, we can help take it to the next level and implement any number of our popular BW tools. The best part? We can customize the look and feel of these tools to fit your branding and event look and feel.

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AI-Powered Recommendation Carousels

Connect your attendees to a tailored and impactful video content experience with our recommendation carousel. With this tool you can optimize the content your attendees interact with so it is interest driven and guides their digital content experience. Powered by TurnoutNow.

Arcade Games

Looking to increase user retention on your event site while adding a bit of event magic into your digital event? Our brandable arcade games can be a digital extension of your brand and can be used for gamification, as opportunities for sponsorship and as an element of fun in a virtual space. Games include Tetris, Snake, Space Invaders, Galaga, Pong, and more.

Attendee Networking

Connecting with fellow attendees is an important part of any event. This widget enables instant direct chat with other opt-ed in individuals. Great for both attendees and sponsors, this networking tool powered by TurnoutNow features a variety of filterable elements in its directory so that your users can connect with exactly who they are looking for.

Attributed Video Analytics


This is a widget you do not want to miss. This analytics tool integrates your registration system and video player, creating attributable video analytics- meaning you can report on video content consumption on an individual attendee level. Gain insight into how certain registration categories correlate to content watch times. The best part? The BW team will take care of the set up so you can focus on the results. This integration is currently available for YouTube and Kaltura.

Avatar Creator

Customizable from head to shoulders, our avatar creator is a fun and interactive way for your attendees to create a personalized digital souvenir from your event. As an activity, it can be gamified and helps foster a sense of unity for your event attendees. Post event, the avatars created are often used by attendees as icons on communication channels and shared on social media.

Certification Widget

Need to administer/manage credits at your event or on your event platform? Using our certification widget can help make that process easier for you, while instantly increasing visibility for participants. This tool ties into gamificaiton and allows your participants to visually track their overall progress so they know exactly what they need to get their credits.

Emoji Widget

Fun to use and a DELIGHT during keynotes and live content, the emoji widget is a 5 icon globally interactive tool. Fully customizable, when someone clicks on one of your branded icons, it floats up over your video player for everyone to see! These clicks can be reported on to determine session feedback.

Gamification & Leaderboard

Whether in-person or digital, you can increase attendee engagement when you make your entire event a game itself! With gamification you can give points to attendees who do actions you want them to do such as attending sessions to visiting sponsors and more. From there, you can use the Leaderboard as a visual representation of your event competition.

On-Demand Comment Wall

Enable your attendees to share their thoughts about your content with our on-demand content wall. Perfect for “content-at-your-pace” style events, this widget allows attendees to interact and share their feedback without having to worry about leaving comments in an empty and unmoderated chat.

Photobooth Activity Feed

The digital event space can be faceless compared to on-site events. This widget is a fun way to bridge that gap. Using branded assets and backgrounds, you can easily incorporate your event’s look and feel into the photobooth. This tool can also be gamified and attendees receive a souvenir photo booth picture.

Polling Widget

The digital event space can be faceless compared to on-site events. This widget is a fun way to bridge that gap. Using branded assets and backgrounds, you can easily incorporate your event’s look and feel into the photobooth. This tool can also be gamified and attendees receive a souvenir photo booth picture.

Push Notifications Manager

Sometimes it can be tough to get the right message across. With this tool you can schedule or push personalized messages to any attendee or attendee segment across your event platform. More than a message, these personalized content items can be targeted for specific attendees at an exact time and place. Send different ads at the same time based off interests tied to registration profiles.

Responsive Keynote Player

With fully designed event pages, sometimes its inevitable that an attendee’s attention wanders. Our responsive keynote player makes it so your video content does not get left behind. As an attendee scrolls through pages, a small pop-out version of the video player will follow them across the event site.

SMS Push Notification

Want to send messages straight to the source? With this push notification widget you can send out text messages to opt-ed in attendees. Easy to schedule in advance, this tool can ensure that your attendees are getting notifications in their primary communication stream.

Survey Overlay

Post event surveys are great, but do they meet your needs? What if you want to capture feedback while your content is being consumed? For a more seamless survey experience, we offer the survey overlay widget. With this tool your participants can interact with stars, thumbs ups and other rating tools in a survey format that overlays your video content

Quiz Tool

Pop Quiz! Did you know with our quiz widget you can customize multiple choice quizzes for your attendees to use and gamify the experience? With no limit to the number of questions being asked, this tool is great for virtual trivia.

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