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Atlassian’s Survey Response Rate


Problem Statement

Attendee feedback is very important to Atlassian in order to produce the most cutting-edge and engaging experience possible. Unfortunately, survey response rates at their previous event were so low (between 8-11% response rate) that it was challenging to use this feedback as a valid means to plan for their next event. As a result,they needed a solution to fix this challenge going forward!

Solution to the Survey Response Rate

BW was contracted to oversee the tech stack deployment for the Atlassian Teams ’21 event. When approached with this challenge, we felt that in order to increase survey responses, a strategy should consider the following elements:1) Friction-free2) Convenient3) Easy-to-findWe developed a creative solution that placed a survey overlay on the top-corner of the keynote player. The solution was non-intrusive, simple and could be hidden from view with a single click. A simple thumbs-up/down, 5-star rating, and comments section would appear in successive fashion when responding. This was sufficient to receive the feedback needed for the Atlassian team. In addition, we leveraged our current registration and some CSS magic to create this without requiring the on-boarding of a new survey platform to pull this off!


• Survey response rates increased between 250%-350% across the board for all session surveys
• No costly incentives were used (which is often associated with meaningless responses simply designed to obtain a prize)

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