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Taking Your Event Data to the Next Level


What happens when your event platform doesn’t quite meet your event data needs? When you have data worthy of a CRM, but lack the budget? Or when you are data driven, but have manual in-house systems? One solution is to adopt the BW Events Advanced Reporting. With this tool you can pull multiple streams of data into one place, automate your processes with live reporting and make informed decisions with the insights generated. Ideal for clients whose platforms do not have sufficient analytic capabilities, we’ve created this as a solution to fill the gaps so anyone’s event reporting can be taken to the next level.

Where to begin?

For one client, data management and reporting were key issues for their upcoming event, but with their systems in place not easy to get through. It was a key requirement not only to make sure their sales reps could see frequent updates of their progress selling for the event, but that those reps could see that data benchmarked against the previous year, as well as seeing the information of their team members. In the past to achieve this they employed someone specifically for three months to run reporting multiple times a day. They realized that there had to be a better way to get all the cross-sectional data without having to deal with manual data entry and the possibility of human error. Enter BW Events Advanced Reporting to help alleviate stress, reduce budget, and enable live cross-sectional reporting!

How does it work?

At its core, the BW Events Advanced Reporting is a simple, yet very powerful premise- to take data from multiple sources and combine it in a way that is easy to use, thorough, and automatically up to date. Because of BW Events Tech’s  platform agnostic approach, the Event Hub reporting can be integrated with any event platform with an open API. From Cvent to Swoogo to Hopin and more, BW Events Advanced Reporting pulls in data on an ongoing basis. Additionally, it can integrate data from CRMs and excel files. Essentially, anywhere that hosts important data can be leveraged in one automated place for your reporting needs.

Once the sources are integrated and reporting is set up, the system will generate your data and insights. Because it is being pulled from live sources, as things change reporting is automatically and dynamically updated. From there, it can be embedded in a page on an event platform,  a website or simply sent as a dynamically updated PDF. Depending on the level of security desired, our team can help to make sure the right people always have access to up to date information.

What does this mean?

This new powerful reporting tool means that your team can make thoughtful decisions, have up to date information and cross-sectional reporting without the additional price tag of a CRM or someone trained to operate it. The greatest value of BW Events Advanced Reporting is for those who are looking for an easy way to get dynamically updated data related to their event or for those who are looking to save money on and automate their current processes.

Other applications

Beyond being leveraged as a tool for sales teams, this reporting can be used to compare key year-over-year event data and program wide event metrics. With this, even if your event has taken place on different event platforms, you can still have the data you need to compare, benchmark and make informed decisions. In addition, for anyone looking for dynamic reporting- weather it’s to compare a sponsor’s spend at different events, see how much attendees from different companies aggregate spend to attend, or anything else that’s not all in one place- can have a budget friendly and time saving way to do so.

Is BW Events Advanced Reporting right for you?

Do you value a data forward strategy? Need automation? Or just looking for a way to save money while still having access to powerful reporting? For whatever reason, we are happy to help you take your event reporting to the next level. Connect with us here or send and email to [email protected] to see if BW Events Advanced Reporting tool is right for you.

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