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World Tour? No Problem!

Picture this- you have a multi-day, multi-city, even multi-country event. Your attendees are expecting consistent & high levels of event tech services across all locations. How do you make sure each attendee’s experience reflects your brand, and the hard work your team has put in?

This past year, some of our clients found themselves in the exact same situation. Each supporting world tours that featured 9+ cities in 7+ countries, these clients learned what it means to have the BW Events Tech team in your corner- no matter what corner of the globe you’re in.

The Problem

In both cases, though, the clients needed professionals who could

1) manage the on-site technology

2) service different combinations of badge printing,  session scanning and lead retrieval

3) think proactively and solve any problems thrown their way

The BW Team Ready to Support an On-site!

The Solution

Success itself is great, but success on a global scale is invigorating. Support from the BW Events Tech team ensured the on-site event tech was well managed and consistent across the respective team tours. 

The on-site BW Events Tech teams:

      • Prioritized the attendees’ on-site experience and ensured the clients felt supported. 

      • Thought through problems and provide experienced recommendations about on-site flow and set up.

      • Leveraged creative event problem solving to help think through logistical challenges.

      • Configured and managed the event technology.

      • Proactively communicated with the client and provided metrics for reporting.

      • Ensured event tech shipping was managed post event.

    Looking for guidance managing the tech stack for your next on-site event? For configuring your event tech? For event professionals to physically manage your event tech? Or all of the above? BW Events Tech can help! Get in touch with us here or at [email protected] and we will help get you started ASAP. 

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