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1:1 Networking chat


We can easily integrate a 1:1 live chat support widget onto your event website. Our around-the-clock support team can ensure that your participants receive first-rate service across all time zones.

  • Get ahead of platform issues before they spread too far.
  • Assist in resolving simple difficulties before they become more serious.
  • Give your visitors a warm and welcoming welcome to your event.

Most of you are already aware of the advantages of live chat software. But do you realize how extensive those advantages are?

Live chat has a beneficial influence on more than simply revenue. It has a beneficial influence on support, service, and satisfaction.

What are the advantages of 1:1 chat?

Improves experience

Customers like live chat because it allows them to obtain rapid answers to their queries.

You provide consumers a method to contact you right when they have a query or an issue they can’t address via live chat. This is far more pleasant than sending an email to a support team; with email, you never know when you’ll hear back.

Customer satisfaction ratings for live chat are likely to be higher than for other forms of assistance because of the speed with which you may receive help.

Build customer

Agents may monitor a customer’s tone and mood during a live conversation and modify their styles to match the scenario. Agents may rapidly develop rapport and establish a warm, helpful connection by mimicking or modifying formality to meet a customer’s style.

Messaging platforms also allow you to show off your agents’ personality in a more genuine way than traditional methods.

Nobody likes to have to explain the problem they’re having repeatedly. In fact, 72% of consumers expect an agent to know their personal information, such as support history and product information, without having to ask for it.

Agents may read the content provided by the consumer while also evaluating other facts they have access to using good live chat customer support software. This information might include things like the client’s current screen and notes from prior contacts with customer service.

During a chat conversation, certain solutions allow an agent to share a screen with the client or exchange links and images to assist them better grasp a set of instructions, making everything crystal obvious.


If your rivals don’t provide live chat (or provide poor chat support), you have the opportunity to do it correctly and gain their business.

Consider this: if you were a consumer in a hurry and needed to choose between two goods, would you contact customer service to get your questions addressed, or would you be more enticed by the firm that had information easily available on their website?

The majority of individuals prefer to ask inquiries via live chat support rather than making a phone call. More than half of customers prefer live chat over phone assistance.

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