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Lead Generation


Problem Statement

Event teams were finding that their sponsor pages were not getting the traction or the leads they expected. This led to some complaints that the overall value to sponsors was in question. As a result, a solution was needed in order to engage the attendees, drive them to the sponsor booths and increase overall leads. Goal: increase leads by 200%

Solution to the Lead Challenge

BW implemented nostalgic arcade games: Space invaders, Snake and Tetris as an embedded feature within the event. Attendees were thrilled with the experience and hundreds competed on leader-boards for top prize. The games were sponsored and the top-five were given a prize. In order to participate, the attendee agreed to be contacted by the sponsor.
In addition to the arcade games, BW also implemented a custom desktop (mobile optimized) push notification messaging system. These push notifications highlighted sponsors, were branded, and provided a deep link to the sponsor hall and/or a specific sponsor booth An overall leader-board was likewise created to track overall
engagement within the show. Attendees were incentivized to visit booths, view collateral and network in order to achieve points. Lasly, via our AI-recommendation engine, sponsor booths were recommended to attendees of corresponding interests throughout the event experience

Case Study Control

In performing these case studies, we leveraged an event series wherein the setup of each event was essentially an exact copy. The difference was the inclusion of the arcade gamification, real-time emoji feedback and activity feed widgets.


As a result of this focused effort to address the sponsor lead challenge, sponsors saw an event-over-event increase in leads by between 300-800%

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