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BW’s 3rd Annual Holiday Giveback Program

For the past 3 years, BW Events Tech has facilitated a company wide program with the goal of helping others during the holiday season. 

BW Events Tech’s “Holiday Giveback Program” enables team members to giveback to their local communities and to donate to organizations they are passionate about. The annual funds are evenly split between the team members who participate, with 70 BW Events Tech team members participating this year. 

More than any industry awards we’ve won, we’re proud of this program and our culture of service and helping others.“- Brandon Wernli, CEO BW Events Tech.

Check out our top tips for getting involved, as well as the list of incredible organizations we worked with.  

Choose Something You Are Passionate About

It can be intimidating knowing where to start, but getting involved with something you are passionate about will bring joy to both you and others. 

We love animals and knew we had to do something with our Holiday Giveback funds to support them. We ended up visiting the local animal rescue center and donated to help injured animals. We were able to provide 85 dogs and 8 puppies a weeks worth of food and to donate money for a pet ambulance.“- Puja Dewan and Abhishek Misra, India

Two months ago, an earthquake struck rural Nepal, claiming over 150 lives and causing extensive property damage, leading to widespread poverty and homelessness: Using our combined funds from the BW Holiday Giveback, we partnered with local NGOs and clubs to load trucks with essential supplies for winter, women, sanitation, and children.“- The Nepal Team (Anjan, Satish, Rozaan, Sangam and Enish)

Include Family and Friends

What’s better than helping others? Helping others with your family and friends! Many of our team members included family and friends in their Holiday Giveback projects and WOW! what an amazing impact. 

I volunteer at the local cat cafe Crumbs & Whiskers and wanted to donate the funds to them directly to use for those things. However, I also wanted to be able to do more and have it go further so I invited a number of my friends to come out and we all brought food / treat / toy donations for the cats too!  I was barely able to unload some of the stuff before the cats claimed them!”- Emily Williams, California USA

“As part of the Give Back program this year, my family decided to assist social initiatives on our region. The national postal company here in Brazil runs a program to connect children in need with families willing to help: the little ones write to Santa, their parents send the letter and others “adopt” them. Some of these requests are quite heartrending, ranging from basic needs like a bed or a parent’s recovery from addiction to simple joys like a chocolate cake they’ve never had. I feel deeply grateful to have been a part of this program this year and to witness the profoundly positive impact it had on the lives of so many children.”- João Henrique Gomes dos Reis, Brazil

“After a family discussion, we decided we wanted to do something for the families who didn’t have resources/ no snow gear. This year for the Giveback program my family purchased winter gear for 10 kids at our school that couldn’t afford them. We also included some holiday gifts for these children as well. My kids had so much fun last year and were so excited to participate again this year. We were able to go shopping as a family and it was an awesome experience.”- Sheryl Schulman, Illinois USA

Get Creative!

While a lot of our team members followed traditional routes of working with specific non-profits or local community groups for this year’s Holiday Giveback, many also took a more creative approach. Creative ways to help others included:

  • Visiting a local dentists office and paying off debt that was going to collections
  • Working with local church groups to provide supplies to families needing support
  • Donating to local elementary school bookfair funds
  • Tipping 100%+ on food delivery orders and at restaurants 
  • Paying tuition fees for local students
  • Working with local teachers to provide students with needed supplies
  • Asking around your community to find people who need a little extra support


No matter how you decide to get involved, it will help make a positive difference in someone’s life. Whether it’s a neighbor going through a difficult time, an animal at a shelter, or a stranger in a difficult situation, you have the capacity to be a force for good in the lives of others! We encourage you to get started and bring Holiday Giveback joy to those in your own community.

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