At BW Events, we understand that a truly successful technology deployment must be carefully aligned with your overall event strategy. Explore the many ways in which we may this possible!

What we provide

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Sorting through all of the event technology platforms that have surfaced throughout the marketplace can be a daunting task. At BW Events, we will help you sort through the noise in order to align with the solutions that are best for your event needs. This includes virtual or live event platforms, registration, content management, mobile app, marketing automation, CRM, or analytics.

Professional Services

Looking to scale your event technology support team? We can help!  We offer technical project managers, custom developers, frontend designers, production and so much more!

Event Tech Consulting

Often the missing piece in a successful event is having someone who can oversee the ENTIRE tech stack. This might include: virtual or live event platform, registration, content management, mobile app, marketing automation, CRM, or analytics.

How can an event strategy be successful without having a key resource on your team who understands how all pieces come together to deliver a final product.

At BW Events, we offer global and event specific end-to-end tech strategists, architects and builders.

Custom Development

Looking for a platform that can be customized to your event’s unique needs? We can be your custom development shop to help build the experience you’re looking for.

We operate as an extension of our clients' teams and provide full-service custom software development.

Frontend Design

Need to enhance the design or user-experience behind your event? We can work with your creative team to implement wireframes or build those wires from scratch.

To improve the quality of frontend design, we employ quick techniques and programming methodologies.

Event Management

Whether you are planning a virtual or in-person event, our professionals will carefully assess your needs, offer recommended solutions and cover any or all of the following services: technology architecture, technical project management, event design, configuration, QA, integrations, load testing, contact center support, and analytics.

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End-to-End Technology Support

Looking for a team of professionals to take the burden of building the technology that powers your event? We offer our customers end-to-end event tech build and support of any virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. 

We can assign a technical project manager to drive timelines and deliveries, architects to oversee any integrations, and specialists to build any or all aspects of your event.

Custom Widgets

We've created a library of interactive widgets that can be effortlessly integrated into almost any event platform.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

BW Events uses a tailored, comprehensive strategy to deliver the finest SEO service.

We are dedicated to solving our client's business problems with simple and smart SEO solutions.
We market your business to get more traffic, leads, and happy clients.

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Arcade games

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BW Events.

We have built an arcade concept.we got installed games like space invader, Tetris and Snakes. They come with their own leader boards which have been very useful to increase traffic.
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