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Arcade games

Any virtual event will be a great hit with our retro arcade games. Participants will enjoy competing on the leaderboard with other attendees as they play Tetris, Space Invaders, and Snake. Each game may be individually branded to fit the conference’s concept.

These games have not only entertained your attendees, but they have also helped to generate sponsorship leads and increase engagement at your event.

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Arcade Gaming

Enhances one’s cognitive ability

Even the most basic games may help you improve your multitasking and decision-making abilities. Gaming pushes players to make split-second judgments that they must stand by. The capacity to make decisions is developed whether participants make the proper choices or not. In the business environment, where indecisiveness may do a lot of damage, decision-making abilities are extremely useful.

Improves muscle memory and reflexes

Playing games creates muscle memory, whether utilizing the simple controls of a joystick-style arcade game or a more sophisticated controller. As a result, reflexes and hand-eye coordination increase, which are important for a range of daily tasks including typing, driving, and tying shoelaces. Gamers outscored non-gaming students and coworkers by a wide margin in professions that require fine motor abilities, such as surgeons, according to studies.

“These days, people desire an engaging activity that allows them to play and engage with their coworkers and friends. Classic arcade games appeal to all ages and give alternatives for those who do not drink.” Furthermore, games promote camaraderie, and teamwork, and allow employees to reveal their real colors outside of the job. The nostalgia of being able to play some of your favorite childhood games doesn’t hurt, too – visitors are likely to have a great time and will tell others about it.

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