Virtual events

How does a virtual event work?

Virtual events, in its most basic definition, are events that take place entirely online. Virtual events are those that are entirely hosted and operated online, with attendees able to watch or participate from anywhere on the planet. A virtual event’s program usually includes single or multiple-track presenting sessions as well as collaborative sessions. All of these sessions are live-streamed on the internet.

Virtual components, or having a BW events partner on hand to help your events virtual will not be a regretful decision.

Making the decision to go virtual with BW events can help you meet your objectives, increase engagement, and discover a new tool to add to your event planning toolbox.


For example, having a virtual event in addition to your in-person event allows persons with personal or logistical issues to participate, bringing inclusivity to your plan. Allowing people to join online for the first time may also be a selling point to persuade them to make a larger investment in your event in the future, especially if the reason for not going is financial.

Not only as the event host, but also for your participants, BW events gives you the most event versatility.

As an event manager, BW events planners seek a virtual events platform with customizable capabilities such as:

  • Website for a branded event
  • Registration options that can be customized
  • Web room with a custom logo
  • Email templates that can be customized

Virtual events will become a standard feature of any meeting or event in the future. Virtual events will be in every event planner’s back pocket when an event is unexpectedly canceled, postponed, or has a major reduction in attendance, with turn-around time frames as low as two days.

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