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Chris Roberts

“Chris is the genius behind BW products like the Event Center and ShowUp, but did you know he lives on an island off the coast of North Carolina?” ‎

How long have you been in the event/ event tech industry?

8 years

Where are you based out of?

Outer Banks, NC, USA

What is your favorite thing about working in event tech?

I love that there’s no “standard” way to do basically anything, and that organizers are so creative. It’s been awesome to see how process has become an important part of the event management cycle, and how many different ways there are to solve the same problem, and a literal infinite number of ways to create unique and engaging experiences.

What is your favorite thing about your role at BW?

My favorite thing about my role at BW is solutioneering with clients. In one day I can look at a single event implementation of an existing solution, and a multi-year completely event management solution – it’s so challenging and fun to be able to look at the best way to solve the myriad of processes/experiences our clients are looking for.

What has been your favorite place to travel to for an event?

I traveled to Frankfurt, Paris, and Lyon for an event series back in 2018 – it was an awesome trip!

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