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Widget of the Month-Zenus

With rapid developments in AI technologies, event planners everywhere are wondering- what does this mean for their events? After all, as an industry we just got back to doing in-person events again, how do we address more change? The answer is, embrace it. AI has the power to change events for the better. Event AI technologies like Zenus are already leading the way to infuse AI into event strategies.

What is Zenus?

Zenus leverages vision AI and cameras to capture information about attendees. From metrics like dwell time, positive sentiment or biographical information, event planners can better understand and evaluate an attendee’s on-site experience. Gauging live data instead of relying on surveys, permits event organizers to tap into the true feelings and actions of attendees. Because this software reads faces, but does not record or recognize individuals there are no concerns about GDPR compliance. Zenus tools can be deployed anywhere from a small exhibitor booth to across the entirety of an event.

How can Zenus drive event engagement?

At events, everything is guess work… until you track it. Zenus’ AI measures the impact on engagement itself to help you and see what’s working and what doesn’t. This means that from experience to experience, your events get better and better because you are able to pinpoint exactly what works and what should be changed. More than saying an event was “good” or “bad”, you have the opportunity to score specific engagement against industry benchmarks and standards. This means as an event planner you can accurately determine who is having a positive experience.

Why clients love them!

Clients love using Zenus’ AI because it is empowering! Post event, a planner is able to clearly speak to what worked and what kind of impact was made. More than just how much money was spent or “no news is good news”, AI driven analytics empirically prove impact, tell a story, and give planners authority to truly speak to insights.

”For the people who are hungry to really move the dial in the bottom line, being able to have actual facts as opposed to, “I thought this” and “I was feeling this” makes all the difference.”
– Nick Borelli, Marketing Director Zenus

How to get Zenus for your next event.

AI doesn’t have to be a challenge- it can be an opportunity to improve your events. Connect with the BW Events team here to find out how to use Zenus at your next event. Once connected with the team, they will begin conversations around your goals to ensure the most impactful data journey.

Looking to partner with BW Events Tech and be the next “Widget of the Month”? Connect with us at [email protected].

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