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Widget of the Month – TurnoutNow

In a content driven world, personalization is the name of the game. In a space where event planners have thousands of attendees to engage, how can they increase the unique and personal experiences for each individual? 

The answer leverage your event technology to elevate the attendee experience and boost engagement. This month, we’re looking at TurnoutNow’s AI driven tech that puts event professionals into the future of live event experiences.

What is TurnoutNow?

TurnOutNow revolutionizes in-person events by using AI to put the attendees’ unique interests first. 

With a decade of experience in the events industry, TurnoutNow offers a specialized suite of products tailored for live events. This innovative product suite of solutions seamlessly integrates into any event’s technology platform to enhance your live events:

1. Peer Connect

Simplifying networking and communication, this tool fosters deeper engagement between attendees during live events.

2. Attendee Tracking

Leveraging wearable beacon technology, TurnoutNow tracks attendees throughout an event space at various levels and spaces, providing valuable insights into attendee behavior and interests. Take this one step further and incorporate into your gamification or sponsor strategies.

3. Prescriptive Recommendations

Integrated with both Attendee Tracking and Peer Connect, this powerful engine delivers curated recommendations to attendees on relevant topics, people and locations they should be interacting with at the event based on their behaviors and profile-logged interests. 

4. Cognitive Search

This AI-based search engine harnesses the power of deep search within video content and transcriptions while also providing translation and dubbing capabilities – extending the reach of your content globally.

5. Sentiment Tracking

Digital event attendees are empowered to interact with the event by providing reactions throughout sessions. These metrics are powerful and a great supplement to survey data.

How can TurnoutNow drive event engagement?

Driving engagement is at the core of TurnoutNow’s business. They collect and analyze data to provide insights and recommendations to both event organizers and attendees. 

PeerConnect directly encourages attendees to engage and interact with others through networking, meeting and connecting on similar interests driven by data collected throughout the event. Similarly, Cognitive Search’s unique capabilities allow for digital attendees to dive deeper into the event content, optimizing their time and enhancing their experience, while improving how event organizers can better understand and support their attendees in the future. 

Why do clients love TurnoutNow?

TurnoutNow has earned a reputation as a reliable solution provider amongst their clients. Their white glove service and specially curated strategies highlight their commitment to customer service and client relations. 

Their data collection strategy and analysis gives key stakeholders a deeper level of understanding of their clients, enhancing their decision making power for future event marketing and planning efforts. 

Where can it be integrated?

Did we mention they are also tech agnostic? TurnoutNow’s tools seamlessly integrate with various event tech platforms and tools, including CRM systems, event applications, streaming platforms, and data repositories. As the best supporting actor, TurnoutNow elevates your event to award-winning levels and works with your existing tech stack.

How to get TurnoutNow at your next event?

Ready to gain deeper insights into your event attendees’ behaviors and interests? Contact your BW Events Tech team to arrange a consultation with TurnoutNow or connect directly through their website. Prepare for a custom-tailored experience that aligns with your event goals by partnering with TurnoutNow.

Looking to partner with BW Events Tech? Connect with us at [email protected].

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