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Widget of the Month – Snapbar

From selfies to on-site headshots to candid moments, attendees love to capture unique moments at events. The ultimate personalization, photography is a tool event professionals can leverage for both user generated content and as a fun and memorable activation. Photobooths can be expensive, take up a space, and do not service virtual attendees. Snapbar is changing the game of how attendees can capture and share event moments without the traditional difficulties. This month we’re looking at Snapbar and what it means to have your picture taken at an event.

What is Snapbar?

Snapbar has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of virtual photo experiences. What started as a departure from traditional photo booths has transformed into a digital phenomenon that includes easy to access photobooths, AI generated portraits, and professional virtual headshots. These tools focus on putting users at the center of content. What sets Snapbar apart is their ability to adapt and evolve with the changing landscape, ensuring their products remain a ubiquitous presence.

1. Snapshot: Virtual Photo Booth Platform

Snapbar’s virtual photo booth seamlessly integrates into the event platform, allowing participants to access it through any web browser, easily shared via links and QR codes. It is fully customizable to align with branding needs and offers a suite of user customization and engagement features, ensuring a personalized touch to captured content. Because their photo booth is web based, attendees can participate whether they are joining virtually or in person, making this tool a great option for integrating into any kind of event strategy. 

2. Snapshot AI: The 1st AI Photo Booth

One of Snapbar’s latest innovations is the AI photobooth, called Snapshot AI. Built on the same flexible Snapshot platform, this cutting-edge experience allows anyone with internet access to participate. By leveraging the latest generative AI technology, users can take or upload a selfie and the AI transforms them into an impressively realistic, AI-generated portrait. The most important part is that each experience is fully customized for the client, allowing brands to engineer their own AI portrait styles from superheroes, to astronauts, to hyper-realistic branded images, the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

3. Studio: Virtual Headshots

In addition to the Snapshot virtual photobooth experiences, Snapbar offers Studio, a solution for scalable team headshots. This not only addresses the practical need for professional headshots but also aligns with Snapbar’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for diverse event requirements. This platform can be used as a perk for participating in a virtual event or more directly for any teams that need unified headshots but are located in diverse locations. Most recently they’ve incorporated AI editing to replace traditional hand-editing, providing high quality headshots even when users capture a lower quality photograph putting the power in the hands of each individual user.

How can Snapbar drive event engagement?

Snapbar’s products are easy to configure and even easier for attendees and customers to use. They understand the importance of brand identity in events. Their Snapshot virtual photo booth experiences are fully customizable, bridging the gap between digital and physical experiences. From social walls and live galleries to slideshows, not only does Snapbar enable capturing unique moments, but ensures that every aspect of the experience can be tailored to enhance brand visibility and reach.

Why do clients love them?

Clients gravitate to Snapbar because their products are innovative, scalable and customizable. The virtual photobooth and AI photobooth are not just innovative but also designed for mobile, addressing the specific needs of clients wanting to engage individual attendees. Studio solves the challenge of obtaining team headshots in a scalable way, offering a practical solution for corporate events and internal activations. And finally, Snapbar distinguishes themselves from traditional SaaS companies by providing a hands-on approach to customization. Their team is dedicated to tailoring each activation to perfection, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience for all attendees.

Where can it be integrated?

Because their products are web-based, Snapshot and Studio can be integrated almost anywhere. With the flexibility of iframes, you can seamlessly embed their experiences in mobile applications, on registration sites, and in-person activations with an iPad and a stand. The products are designed to be mobile-optimized, making them accessible to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. Additionally, Snapbar can be directly integrated with various event platforms to enhance accessibility and user experience.

How can you get Snapbar at your next event?

With a range of features, from virtual photo booths to AI-generated portraits, Snapbar continues to set the standard for immersive and memorable event experiences. Reach out through the website, and the Snapbar team will be in touch to discuss how to tailor their offerings to perfect your event, or you can reach out to your BW Events Tech Project Manager or Account Manager for a demo, and implementation options.

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