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Widget of the Month- Purpose Net Zero


The events industry isn’t exactly known for its lack of environmental impact. With so many single use elements that go into cultivating a unique experience, on-site events can generate a lot of waste. Re-entering the on-site event world with fresh eyes, attendees are more focused than ever on sustainable behavior at events.


What is Purpose Net Zero?

Purpose Net Zero focuses on tracking and helping to offset the event world’s largest area of environmental impact. 

Founder and event industry veteran, Marley Finnegan, concluded that event related travel emissions typically make up a gigantic 70-90% of overall emissions. Without a solution available for event teams to measure these emissions, Marley took it upon herself to create Purpose Net Zero.
Leveraging attendee geographic data, Purpose Net Zero calculates an exact dollar amount associated with that carbon footprint and offers ways to offset or remove carbon emissions. Planners have the opportunity to be transparent and creative with how they want to present carbon offset options. From offering unique offset pricing within registration, to crowdfunding at the event, Purpose Net Zero provides a plethora of ways to show to attendees an event’s commitment to sustainability.
Marley Finnegan- Founder of Purpose Net Zero

How can Purpose Net Zero drive event engagement?

Often, sustainability efforts at events are behind the scenes, but Purpose Net Zero believes that a key aspect of sustainability is involving attendees. “When you empower and educate people with regards to their carbon footprint a lot can happen,” says founder, Marley Finnegan. Allowing attendees to take part in your sustainability efforts helps them understand the conscious sustainability choices you are making. Integrating Purpose Net Zero is an opportunity to go beyond corporate buzzwords and engage individuals by educating them about their carbon footprint and giving them the choice to take action on or not.

Why do clients love them?

Clients love Purpose Net Zero because it’s SUPER user friendly, provides awesome reporting, and serves as an impressive carbon concierge. This tool is the simplest way to impact the largest area of event emissions and the data can be used to make more sustainable decisions for future event locations. It only gets better with time.

With their carbon concierge offering, Purpose Net Zero makes sure the effort taken to offset carbon emissions actually happens, and there are so many creative ways to do it. And, clients can receive certified documentation of the impacts they’ve had. This means that your event has a guaranteed and ethical paper trail of positive impact.

Where can Purpose Net Zero be integrated?

The beauty of Purpose Net Zero is that it can be both integrated with registration platforms, like Swoogo, or can be proactively or retroactively uploaded via spreadsheets. When integrated with your reg platform, attendees have the opportunity to become involved from the beginning. Using spreadsheets is not as instantaneous, but allow for flexibility with how you collect registrations.

How to get Purpose Net Zero at your next event?

Purpose Net Zero’s tech is a great starting point to drive change and empowers event planners to make educated decisions for positive environmental change. Plus, with the anticipated SEC climate disclosure rules, it’s a good idea for all planners to set up this infrastructure now.

Reach out to Purpose Net Zero directly here or connect with the BW Events team here to find out how to use Purpose Net Zero at your next event.

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