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Widget of the Month- Pigeonhole Live

Whether looking to break the ice, requisition ingenious ideas during a brainstorm, or gather a pulse reading with feedback on new company initiatives, the various engagement features offered through event technology platforms like Pigeonhole Live can optimize the interactiveness of meeting and event attendees.

What is Pigeonhole Live?

Pigeonhole Live is an audience engagement tool for in-person, virtual or hybrid meetings and events. 

Since its inception, the team at Pigeonhole Live has prioritized inclusivity in meetings and events with a focus on the attendee. They have worked to improve access for all to engage during an event without any hesitation or fear of stigmatization, nervousness, or discomfort. The development of many of Pigeonhole Live’s features, such as anonymous Q&A and Polls, support this endeavor. 

How can Pigeonhole Live drive event engagement?

Through the use of the engagement features, such as Q&A, Polls, Quizzes, and Reactions, attendees are given several interactive abilities during meetings and events than ever before no matter the size of the group. 

The tools available can be utilized across a range of activities at various points in the event lifecycle whether as part of a moderated Q&A session, training and certification tracking as well as word cloud idea sharing. 

Why do clients love them?

Clients rave about the number of solutions available within Pigeonhole Live that they have access to through one license. Whether a client’s project requirements may begin with a simple Q&A set up, there is ample flexibility to discover and develop their event into a more advanced workflow and increased user functionality as their vision evolves. The simple back end for admin set up and the advanced customization available for both the speakers and the attendees are key value adds for clients. 

In addition to its audience-facing tools, Pigeonhole Live’s platform for organizers provides all of the data and analytics to showcase the event participation as well as depict key success factors for a client’s KPIs. The BW team works closely with clients to set up these KPIs and ensure Pigeonhole is configured to collect the necessary data.

Where can it be integrated?

This fully customizable audience engagement platform works seamlessly on its own or integrated with many well-known live streaming and event platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Swoogo, RainFocus and many more. There are also opportunities to embed the tool into custom websites, internal platforms, within mobile applications or simply accessing it from the platform website by scanning a QR code.

Additionally, unique to this platform is the ability to completely customize the content and branding to the client. By white-labeling the tool’s features, the client is able to design and execute a seamless brand experience. 

The latest feature to be released that has garnered much excitement amongst event planners is Zoom Layers, a complement to the Projector Panel and Speaker Interface tools currently in existence. With Zoom Layers, speakers can highlight audience questions from the Q&A Chat by having the current question being addressed overlaid as a banner on the speaker’s video feed. What a simple, but impactful feature. Pigeonhole Live’s commitment to ideate and develop is a promising vision for the future of complex audience engagement both online and in-person. 

How to get Pigeonhole Live for your next event?

Pigeonhole Live’s mission for inclusive connectedness through the highlights of their engagement platform continues to improve the interactivity between event organizers and their attendees. Consider elevating your next event with the use of these proven engagement tools and bring your attendees’ focus front and center with a little extra fun. 

Reach out to Pigeonhole Live directly here or connect with the BW Events Tech team here to find out how to use Pigeonhole Live at your next event. 

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