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Widget of the Month – InGo

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, boosting engagement and growth remains a top priority. Marketers are finding this a challenge amidst tight or shrinking budgets. Are you grappling with similar issues? Do your stakeholders seek strategies to continually expand event attendance and attract new participants year-over-year? InGo, a referral marketing platform, positions itself as the solution to enhance event engagement, driving registrations and fostering attendance growth.

What is InGo?

InGo is a referral technology solution that drives new acquisitions and registrations to events by utilizing their client’s existing community network of speakers, exhibitors, attendees, etc. InGo creates a frictionless opportunity to implement personalized referrals at scale. 

How does InGo drive engagement?

InGo’s approach addresses common roadblocks to organic marketing through referrals. With just a few clicks, confirmed registrants, speakers, exhibitors, or general attendees receive personalized social media posts ready to be shared across various platforms.

These posts are tailored to your event and include the registrant’s Profile Picture, Name, Company, and Title. Integrated with social platforms such as LinkedIn, this not only simplifies sharing but also expands marketing reach within your registrants’ network, increasing the acquisition of new registrants.

Additional features that support to improve adoption rate of the tool as well as encourage multiple posts include multiple follow-up emails leading up to the event. Leaderboards and incentives are also utilized in boosting engagement. Incentivizing registrants to promote your event is pivotal. With InGo, you can provide rewards aligned with individual interests, whether related to the event, sustainability initiatives, airline miles, and more.

Why do clients love it?

Clients are enthusiastic about the tangible results achieved by integrating InGo into their growth strategies. The data speaks for itself: for every 100 advocates (unique registrants per event), you can expect anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 referral clicks, significantly increasing your chances of acquiring new registrations.

InGo’s reporting dashboard offers a comprehensive view of the solution’s impact during and after the registration process. With clearly defined data points, clients can assess adoption rates and even delve into individual details about their advocates and their performance. Access to such data empowers clients to make better and more informed business decisions regarding their key advocates, sessions, and overall event strategy.

Where can it be integrated?

With more than 140 integrations available, InGo’s technology is flexible and allows for an agnostic platform approach, similar to that of BW Events Technology. While connecting InGo through your registration platform may lend itself to the greatest acceleration results, InGo can still deliver a lot of performance without the registration piece. 

How do you get it for your next event?

This growth technology is ideally suited for events open to external attendees that are looking to scale exponentially. To learn more about whether your event(s) may be the best fit to benefit from this solution, reach out to your trusted advisors at BW Events Tech. Our team will guide you through the review process as well as secure the partnership with InGo for your next event, delivering the significant growth results your leadership team seeks.


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