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Widget of the Month- ExpoFP

It’s the first day of your event. You have hundreds to thousands of people coming to experience what you have been working on for months. Your event’s expo hall is about to open, and sessions will begin soon. How do you ensure that your attendees are able to accurately and easily find their way around the venue and show floor? This month we’re looking at ExpoFP and how their tool can help you create sophisticated event maps that facilitate a better event experience. 

What is ExpoFP?​

ExpoFP is a cutting-edge platform that allows event organizers to create custom floor plans for their trade show or conference. Easily embeddable almost everywhere, these floorplans are interactive, thoroughly brandable and easily updated. They are user friendly and have a DIY option so planners can create their own- no dev required. All changes are updated in real time, so that means that last minute changes to rooms or exhibitor booths can be made without having to worry about updating in multiple locations.

How can ExpoFP drive event engagement?

ExpoFP makes in-person events better for both attendees and sponsors. For attendees, ExpoFP drives engagement by making exhibitor booths and session locations easier to find. With digital wayfinding, attendees are shown the best path to get to where they need to be. Attendees can also bookmark exhibitors they want to visit, learn more about them and see the event schedule. 

ExpoFP allows sponsors and exhibitors to showcase products, include links to case studies and schedule meetings. Sponsorship options such as featured listings, logos in booths and headers can increase exhibitor’s views by +400%. Additionally, the exhibitor center showcases all sponsoring companies, and the sophisticated mapping is proven to increase NPS.

Why do clients love them?

  • Customer support!- ExpoFP gets a lot of positive feedback about their ability to respond fast, explain technical details in simple words and meet clients’ individual requests
  • Really user friendly- event organizers don’t need to be super tech savvy to have an impressive floor plan.
  •  Customizable options- logos, colors and fonts can be edited to get a similar look and feel to the rest of the event platform and the mobile platform. 
  • Integrable- whether on mobile, laptop or kiosk the experience is constantly good and can handle high simultaneous loads. 
  • Post event reporting- event organizers have a myriad of reports available including routes plotted, exhibitors clicked on, session rooms clicked on, most popular booths and more.


On top of everything, ExpoFP always considers requests and is constantly improving its tools and offerings!

Where can it be integrated?​

ExpoFP is compatible with both websites and apps. It can be integrated via an html code, iframe, button, script, link, or STK. Therefore meaning it can be used wherever you want!

How to get ExpoFP at your next event?

Get in touch on the website! You can start a free trial to fully explore the features- including branding, mapping and exhibitor setup. Once you have questions, are ready to purchase, or just want a demo you can reach out to the ExpoFP team. You can also reach out to your BW Events Tech Project Manager or Account Manager for a demo, and implementation options. 

Looking to partner with BW Events Tech and be the next “Widget of the Month”? Connect with us at [email protected].

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