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The spring event season is almost here! Still figuring out how to generate social interaction for your event? Or about aligning elements of your in-person and digital experience? This month’s featured technology can help you do both! We’re taking a look at the platform and how its social walls can be used to enrich an attendee’s event experience.

What is

At its core, is an easy to create and even easier to use social wall platform. It aggregates content from various social media platforms using APIs to filter content surrounding specific event hashtags. Easily embeddable and with the ability for attendees to interact directly with the social wall, this tool is a great addition if you are looking to increase attendee engagement in an in-person or digital space., however, has set itself apart as a powerhouse among social wall technologies. What started as a simple social media aggregator has grown to include integrations from 14 different social media platforms, enables direct posts, photos and likes, and has recently launched a Polls feature. For any planner looking to raise audience engagement during an event social walls can be an excellent tool. social walls are brilliantly easy to use. The first step is to look at your team’s marketing strategy and decide what your event hashtags will be and what social media platforms you want to integrate with. In a matter of minutes your social wall can be set up with filters and specifications to curate what content shows on your wall. From there, no CSS knowledge is needed to customize your wall to your brand colours.

How can it drive event engagement?

People love to be in the spotlight, and a user generated content strategy can use that to your advantage. Integrating your social wall with the photobooth app Snapbar, is a great way to jumpstart event specific user generated content. 

The beauty of is that it removes the need for attendees to sign up for additional applications because most are already on social media and don’t face the barrier of needing to introduce a new tool. Planners simply need to make sure instructions are clear and let the magic happen. Those not on social media can interact directly via posts on the social wall. 

A popular example of implementing the full capabilities of is leveraging it to run during an event to curate a competition. Users can submit posts/photos/videos that can be voted on by fellow attendees. This makes sure an audience is seen and heard, and creates an additional buy in for attendees to  generate content for your event. 

The beauty of is that it gives your event a public form of aggregate data. It is like a campfire- everyone can see and say something while all content related to your event is consolidated in one place. This is especially key when navigating the hybrid space and social walls allows digital and in-person to engage equally at the event.

Why do clients love them so much?

With low barriers to entry for attendees and the easy to configure nature for event planners, it’s no wonder that’s social walls are beloved by attendees, planners and event tech consultants alike. 

In realizing people’s love of content creation and open feedback, social walls give the spotlight to the attendee and allow cross platform content to be accessible in one place. The ease of use not only can reinforce an event’s social media marketing strategy, but also is a fun way for attendees to interact whether their in-personal or digital attendees.

What’s new for is always looking for new ways to best service their awesome clients! Just this January they released their Polls feature. This new feature can be another key source of reusable user generated content. Naturally integrated with the social wall, polls can be a great way to keep a social wall going during the on-demand content phases of an event. Using the polls on the social wall, post event users can continue to interact with the social wall, and generate further insight and engagement. 

With these polls integrated directly in the social wall, not only does it make things easier on the user as everything is in one place, but the social nature of it promotes a sense of community with other on-demand content users. Unlike chat forums that may need moderation, these polls can foster a sense of community without having to worry about additional planner involvement. Additionally when leveraged during an event, audience members have the power to vote for contest outcomes and see the direct produce from their decisions. 

Where can they be integrated? can be easily integrated anywhere! This tech can be embedded on a variety of spaces including on screens, platforms, websites and apps. Not only that, but on the user side it can be integrated with 14 different social platforms including: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, TikTok, Mastodon, Linkedin, VKontakte, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, Reddit, and any RSS feed. Additionally, in addition to integrating all these platforms users can interact with the social wall directly.

BW Review

With its straightforward set up, wide array of social integrations and ease of attendee use, we think is something all hybrid events should consider adding to their tech stack. Especially as clients look to bridge in-person and digital event experience, removed barriers to interaction by making user generated content the focus of its platform. Additionally, it is great for building a community, especially if events are on a regular basis. understands its user’s needs and has created a technology that is easy and fun to use for both the planner and attendee. Connect with us here to find out how to include a social wall at your next.

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