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Gamification in Event Marketing: 6 Ways to Boost Attendee Engagement

Within the dynamic landscape of event marketing, organizers are always looking for innovative ways to captivate their audience’s attention. When it comes to boost attendee engagement at events, gamification is a proven game-changer, when done well. It adds an element of fun, competition, and interactivity that keeps participants immersed throughout the event.

Here are six creative approaches to leverage gamification for boosting attendee engagement at your next event!

1. Mobile App Check-Ins and Badges

Leverage a mobile event app, like Amego or Brella, that allows attendees to check in at various event locations or sessions. You can create branded downloadable digital badges for hitting certain milestones, like attending all keynotes, visiting all exhibitor booths, or participating in networking events. Exclusive content is a powerful motivator.

2. Live Polls and Surveys

Interactivity is key to keeping attendees engaged and live polls and surveys provide excellent opportunities for real-time engagement. By integrating polls and surveys into your event app, you empower attendees to actively participate in discussions and sessions. Incentives matter, and by offering points or rewards for participating in polls, data quality increases.

3. Custom Avatars for Communication Channels

Enhance attendee engagement by introducing avatars that attendees can personalize. These avatars can represent attendees in event-related communication channels such as chat rooms, discussion boards, and networking platforms. Attendees can earn virtual items, clothing, or accessories for their avatars by participating in various event activities. This not only adds a playful element to communication but also allows attendees to express their unique personalities and achievements within the event environment.

4. Arcade Games

Introduce a digital arcade within your event platform where attendees can enjoy a variety of mini-games and challenges. Offer prizes, points, or rewards for high scores or completing specific game objectives. This digital arcade provides a fun and engaging way to boost pre-event anticipation and excitement as well as provides an opportunity for additional sponsorship branding opportunities.

5. Leaderboard Challenges

Leverage competitiveness by introducing leaderboards that track attendee engagement metrics. Encourage friendly competition by offering rewards or recognition to the top attendees. Attendees can earn points by visiting booths, attending sessions, or making valuable connections. By making the leaderboard visible to all, attendees are motivated to aim for the top spot. Implement easter eggs for bonus points that push attendees to engage even more with your event.

6. Storytelling or Content Creation Challenges

Events are not just about absorbing content; they are also about creating it. Encouraging attendees to become active creators by crafting videos, infographics, or blog posts related to event themes, with submissions sent through the event app. The most creative and informative entries can win prizes or recognition. This approach not only boosts engagement but also generates valuable content that can be shared, extending the event’s reach.

Gamification is a useful tool for event planners who want to boost attendee engagement. It can transform events into interactive experiences, where attendees are active contributors. Incorporating a well curated gamification strategy into your event provides attendees with a unique and memorable experience.

Are you interested in creating a custom gamification strategy? Contact us today, and let’s collaborate on a unique gamification experience to increase attendee engagement and excitement.

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