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Tales from Event Tech Live 2023

Tales From Event tech Live 2023

Our team had the opportunity to travel to Event Tech Live in Las Vegas to hear the latest and greatest from the world of event technology. We connected with a cornucopia of our awesome partners and made new industry connections. As a team, we were excited by what we saw and impressed with so many new players to the industry! Below are 5 technologies that impressed our team that we recommend the industry keep their eyes on.


The Accelevents team has a truly awesome event platform. It has an array of features such as polling, agendas that natively pull in speaker and exhibitor fields, and attendee headshots that display in chat. We were especially excited to learn that they are opening up their css editor this year- meaning more capabilities for advanced customization for customers! 

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Zenus is the definition of cool onsite tech. They use cameras to judge reactions, scan badges and track dwell time. Because they do not save the video that is being captured, but instead leverage AI to analyze it, recording is not in GDPR violation. Some unique ways to implement this technology could be collecting unbiased presenter feedback at sessions or complex lead retrieval.

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Sessionboard looks like a great option for clients looking to enhance their content management experience. The platform integrates with various event platforms, has sophisticated reporting capabilities and could plug its reporting into BW Events Advanced Reporting. One thing that our team LOVED was the color-coded calendar view where planners can DRAG AND DROP the sessions to build the event agenda. This means there is a clear cohesive view of all sessions taking place, and the ability to quickly and easily make changes.

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Hot off the presses, in a win for onsite inclusivity, Interprefy now has live AI translators. The BW team was impressed by the headsets that instantaneously auto translated the speaker’s presentation into French and Spanish. Additionally, on stage Interprefy set up large screens that showcased text to speech of the speakers and made the presentations more accessible.

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Eventswallet impressed our team with its awesome onsite app. The app is very customizable, easy to use and configure, and has strong networking and attendee connection capabilities. Definitely ideal for companies looking for a new mobile app to evaluate for their on-site event experiences.

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The Wrap Up

Our team is always evaluating new technology to introduce to our customers. Interested in learning more about BW’s event tech expertise and personalized recommendations? Connect with us here or send an email to [email protected] to see if we can help you with your tech stack for your next event or event program.