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My Week On-site

A lot of work goes into making sure attendees have a flawless experience, but what does that really mean? Hi! My name is Emily Greagori, I am a technical project manager at BW Events Tech and last week I went on-site to support Oracle World 2023 and Oracle Health Conference.

About 30 of us from BW were there in person helping with all things event tech. Check out below to see just what having BW Events Tech on-site for your team.

Day -1


  • Flew in and got to work!
  • I got to meet the client in person for the first time.
  • Since we’re 100% remote, I also met some of my BW teammates for the first time.
  • I spent a good portion of the day configuring push notifications for the mobile app.
  • The team set up 13 registration stations for Oracle Health  Conference (OHC).

Day 0

  • Shane Casado trained the registration temp staff.
  • OHC Registration desk officially opened. We had a busy day of helping attendees.
  • Behind the scenes prep of the Oracle Cloud World event.

Day 1


  • The venue was packed with OHC continuing, Partner Summit and OCW badge pick up beginning!
  • Main registration officially opened. We did our final testing early in the morning and were ready to go.
  • Exhibitor floor set up continued! It’s always amazing to see how creative exhibitors and clients get. 

Day 2


  • Day 1 for Oracle Cloud World! The team started early, with a 6:30am start time. Registration opened at 7am.
  • OCW attendees continued to pick up badges, with keynotes and sessions beginning this day.
  • We prepared the digital experience platform to go live early in the morning to showcase the pre-keynote content, then monitored it throughout the day to make sure there were no issues.
  • The event show floor opened and featured awesome sponsors, cute puppies and F1 cars.

Day 3


  • With a tea in hand, I was ready to tackle today- the end was in sight.
  • The OCW Keynotes and sessions continued with awesome content and session scanning done by the Rainfocus team.
  • The BW team continued to support registration, the mobile app,  and the digital experience.
  • OCW hosted “The Party” in the evening, and reg stayed open until 11pm.

Day 4

  • Today was the Final Day for Oracle Cloud world. 
  • It was calm, and I even had time to get some fresh air.
  • I headed back to the airport to travel home.

Wrap Up

In addition to supporting the client where they needed us to, our overall roles and responsibilities included:

  • Registration management for OHC and OCW
  • On-site temp training
  • Content management
  • Speaker prep and speaker room management
  • Partner Summit
  • Executive Summit
  • Digital Experience
  • Mobile app support

We had an awesome time not only working with our client for their events, but with the Rainfocus platform team and other vendors as well!