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Hybrid or face to face events

Hybrid events or face to face events combine the benefits of live and virtual interaction between, in-person attendees, and virtual attendees. In hybrid events it’s possible to attend lectures, conferences, workshops or any corporate activity face-to-face, but also online. This is achieved by transmitting a conventional event online through live transmission or by configuring a virtual space that reflects the physical event.

Why hybrid events are good ?

  • Both virtual and in-person events have their fair shares or inherent.
  • Hybrid events play a central role in long term strategy.
  • Consume less time to return to in-person events and in front of the screen.
  • Hybrid events are enormously valuable for sponsors because of their increased reach.
  • Provide a consistent attendee experience no matter how people choose to participate.
  • Provide streaming live in-person events to remote attendees, they can have the opportunity to participate as well.

How to expand your audiences through Hybrid events?

  • Conduct the events periodically, regardless of any obstacles.
  • Allow audiences to tune in and participate no matter where they are.
  • Conduct multi-friendly events regardless of any difficulties.
  • Increase the engagement power by the innovative use of technology and by delivering a consistent experience to all attendees.
  • Develop  dual responsibilities to your in-person and virtual online.
  • Increase of audiences that must be met with proper execution and planning.
  • Tailoring production for remote attendees by the way of optimized room layouts
  • Priorities about digital attendees when making decisions about speakers, layouts and the day’s flows.
  • Set expectations for both live and virtual experiences.
  • Understand your audience needs and find the most appropriate tech solution to integrate both.
  • Use tried and trusted best practices to make your event success.
  • Assist you in developing a plan that caters to the specific requirements of both audiences.

Deliver engaging hybrid events

  • Use the power of a single integrated platform to manage hybrid events.
  • With capabilities like live and on-demand streaming, community moderating, and live and on-demand streaming, you can create incredible hybrid experiences for any event.
  • Use one unified platform to qualify sales-ready leads for your exhibitors and sponsors, and then use it to boost lead generation effort.
  • Provide a lobby where your attendees can mingle before or after sessions to foster lasting connections.


In general hybrids or face to face events are a really effective way to learn knowledge and skills because it often combines different ways of learning including writing, reading, discussions, presentations, projects, group work, film clips, demonstrations and practice. Bw events guidance and solution can be used at any of your events. Hybrid events always increase audiences with proper  execution and always try to trust best practices to make your event successful.