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Eventmojis- Widget of the Month

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Being platform agnostic, BW Events Tech strives to make sure our clients know the best tech options available for their events.  Beyond our internal offerings, we partner with dozens of vendors to source the  latest and greatest in event technology. This year we will be sharing a monthly series that highlights some of our partners and the innovative approaches and technologies they are developing in the world of event tech. 

At BW, we love widgets that enhance a user experience! At Twilio Signal in November 2022, we saw first-hand how Eventmojis was able to cultivate a unique user experience with its cutting edge virtual identity system. Check out below to learn how the Eventmojis product and how their team is innovating in the world of digital and hybrid events. 

What are Eventmojis?

First off, it’s important to understand that Eventmojis aren’t just a widget, but a virtual identity system. This means that they integrate across multiple aspects of an event site for a collective improved experience.  At its core Eventmojis is a three prong system – an avatar builder, a ‘Who Else is Here’ widget and an animated emote system.

The avatar builder is fun and easy to use and is fully customizable. Using client provided designs, Eventmojis builds an avatar builder that attendees can use to make their own unique icons. Once created, they can be shared on social media and are used to represent the user throughout the event site on leaderboards and on video pages. Often this avatar builder is leveraged during registration to replace headshots and foster consistency within the event.

“Who Else is Here” is a virtual presence indicator system that shows who else is in the ‘room.’  Using the attendee customized avatars, a designated section is implemented underneath a video player. When an attendee is viewing the page, their avatar will be visible and will rotate with the others who are in that room. Thus, the attendee is able to ‘see’ who else is in the room and experiences a more united experience.

Finally, the emote system is customized emoji reactions that accompany the video players. As attendees view the content they can interact with emojis and as they do so, they see other’s interactions. This cool interface helps foster a sense of connection for attendees to the event experience, and fills a gap that is often missing between onsite and virtual events. Additionally, from these reactions Eventmojis gathers real time sentiment feedback data that the planner can view in real time. 

How can they drive event engagement?

As an outlet for both individual expression and collective experience, Eventmojis drives engagement by creating unique experiences in and outside the event. Within the pages of the event, Eventmojis add rich visuals and meaningful interactions. At an external level, Eventmoji avatars are often shared on social media and Slack, signaling participation and acting as audience-driven marketing for an event. 

Why do clients love them so much?

Clients love Eventmojis because attendees love Eventmojis! They do a great job at driving virtual engagement by cultivating an experience that is both individualistic and collective. When an attendee is participating in a virtual event, often they do not get the same sense of community as an in-person event. But the special combination of personalization and collective engagement that the Eventmojis experience brings helps to increase the sense of community for the attendee watching a video.

Clients also love Eventmojis for the data. Eventmojis offers dashboards with sentiment analysis. This means that planners can understand how attendees were reacting to specific time marks of content. Using this tool, event planners can make informed marketing decisions related to the event

Where can they be integrated?

Eventmojis can be integrated into any registration system that will allow its API. Connect with your BW Account Manager to see if the Eventmojis system can be used for your event. 

What’s next for Eventmojis?

This month Eventmojis is taking things to the next level with the launch of its in-house emojis. That means that clients will not have to provide their own artwork for the Eventmojis. Additionally, Eventmojis got their start in in-person event making custom on-demand stickers. As in-person events return, they are looking to release more features that better integrate with the in-person world.

BW Review

As a BW team we’ve found the Eventmojis product to be retention driving, community creating, and all around fun for virtual audiences. We especially like how the three parts of the system are used to create a unique experience that can touch each page of a virtual event. Connect with us here to find out how to get Eventmojis at your next BW event.

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