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Event Management Software

A face-to-face, online, and hybrid event technology platform

What if you had an army of robots to perform all of your event’s menial tasks?

It’s not a fictional story; many event planners have experienced it.

They’re employing event management software that behaves like a robot to do everything for them instead of constantly processing registrations, passing checks to the bank, or attempting to keep track of everything in Excel.

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What is Event Management Software ?

Any software that assists event managers in organizing and executing events is referred to as event management software. Some software products provide an all-in-one solution that can handle almost every event-related task.

Having the correct event planning software, on the other hand, can make all the difference. You need a collection of event management tools to save you time taking care of operations, so you can simplify your event to be more efficient and provide a great experience, just like a hero requires their trusted companion.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Event Management Software?

Event Management SoftwareBegin by ranking your requirements. Do you really want to spend less time on time-consuming event administration duties like establishing and updating conference schedules? Would you like to boost attendee numbers and assist your exhibitors in growing their businesses? Why not save money by using a more efficient event booking and ticketing system?

It might be difficult to find the correct event management software with several options available. Look for the following to assist you in making a decision:

It should fulfill your requirements:

Is your event going to be live, virtual, or a mix of both? The correct software should have the abilities to help you perform the event you’re preparing. If your event is digital, for example, you may require a website, a virtual platform, teleconferencing features, a mobile app, and so on.

Bear in mind that you’re not really able to locate all of the features you require in a single piece of software within your range. It’s totally OK to employ a collection of tools to meet diverse demands in this scenario.

It should have positive feedback:

Looking at what other people are saying about a software is one of the greatest methods to assess if it will work for you.

Read extensive reviews of your software options on sites like Capterra or G2 as well as feedback from genuine event managers who have been using them.

It should be simple to use and Friendly:

Event planning is difficult enough as it is, and your software should make it easier for you rather than making it more difficult. Seek for software that is simple to use, logical, and easy to pick up. If the software has a website builder, for instance, it should be designed for someone who has never made a website before.

Look to select software that has a variety of capabilities or, at the very minimum, connects with other tools to provide a more consistent experience. Your online event tool, for example, should be capable of communicating with your client management software in real time.

The Most Popular Event Management Software Among Organizers:

  1. BW Events: Over the past decade, BW Events has consulted agencies, event planners, and program managers on their event technology needs. Visit and learn how BW has created industry disruption within events.
  2. Eventbrite: It is a great booking option for a variety of events, from local get-together to huge concerts. The system is adaptable, and it can also start sending notifications and reminders. It also allows consumers to sign up from their phones as well as their PCs. They add a 3.5 percent surcharge + $1.59 each ticket to the ticket price. Although Eventbrite is well-known, some event planners believe the price is excessive.
  3. Whova: Whova is a multi-award winning event management tool. The event software Awards ( the “Oscars” of event technology) awarded it the people’s Choice Award and the best event App Award, and it is also the only event management software on G2’s Global Top 50 Best Software. Whova is designed to assist you manage your events from start to finish with one system, rather than juggling many specialist event software systems.
  4. ConfTool: ConfTool is a program that assists you in managing the publication and assessment of academic proposals and papers. It has extensive customs clearance capabilities, makes communication between authors and participants easier, and accepts contributions through configurable publication and review forms.

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