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Dealer meetings

Dealer meetings are big deals to your business. Event management organizes Dealer’s meet with good planning, coordination and execution. A dealer’s meet will be necessary for all the corporate companies to promote their products and services. They’re your voice to customers and they have a major influence on your company’s sales.

Effective dealer meetings:

  • Educate: You put your faith in your dealer reps to speak for you in public You’re jeopardizing the customer relationship if they don’t have enough information or don’t grasp what they do have. Is it possible that they’re disseminating incorrect information? Are they omitting important issues entirely? Your dealer conference should be designed to install dealer trust in your products and enable them to act as brand ambassadors.
  • Focus on customer feedback: Your dealers work on the front-lines for your company. They engage with customers every day. They’re  hearing feedback and concerns straight from the source. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into that insight at your dealer meetings to their knowledge can bring color and substance to your customer research.
  • General enthusiasm: your dealer meetings are jam-packed with important announcements so, ranging from new product launches to change in your company’s strategic direction. After your dealers have returned home, keep the post- meeting excitement  going with strategic communications so that your dealers can pass it on to your customers.

How can dealer meetings networks be improved?

Dealer meetings - BW Events Technology Consulting-2022
How do you build relationships with dealers?

To improve dealer networks one should always stay in touch to communicate every week at least twice, keep abreast of all the news, arrange regular online conferences, hold a quarterly general meeting of dealers and agents. Get feedback from dealers, because it help to improve your products and  present it well to the customers.

How do you build relationships with dealers?

– Meet with your distributor in person.

– Take your distributor out.

– Keep an open line of communication.

– Participate in distributors meetings.

– Build relationships with your sales rep.

– Attend events sponsored by your distributor.

– Help in marketing and sales.

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