The Power Duo: How Marketing and Event Alignment Redefines ROI and Brand Storytelling

Effectively managing and orchestrating an event involves navigating a complex web of cross-functional teams and stakeholders. Anyone who has ever worked in a large organization is no stranger to balancing a spectrum of goals, strategies, and expectations coming from different stakeholders, and nowhere is this more true than in Marketing and Events teams. Understanding how […]

Widget of the Month – TurnoutNow

In a content driven world, personalization is the name of the game. In a space where event planners have thousands of attendees to engage, how can they increase the unique and personal experiences for each individual? The answer – leverage your event technology to elevate the attendee experience and boost engagement. This month, we’re looking […]

Gamification in Event Marketing: 6 Ways to Boost Attendee Engagement

Within the dynamic landscape of event marketing, organizers are always looking for innovative ways to captivate their audience’s attention. When it comes to boost attendee engagement at events, gamification is a proven game-changer, when done well. It adds an element of fun, competition, and interactivity that keeps participants immersed throughout the event. Here are six […]

Tales from Event Tech Live Vol 2: 5 Event Technologies to Keep your Eye on

Last month, Rae & Victoria traveled to London for Event Tech Live to connect with industry experts and collect awards for “Most Creative Agency in Event Tech” and “Event Tech’s Favourite Supplier-The People’s Choice Award.” The team met with existing partners and learned about emerging event technologies. Check out below for our top 5 event […]

Widget of the Month – Snapbar

From selfies to on-site headshots to candid moments, attendees love to capture unique moments at events. The ultimate personalization, photography is a tool event professionals can leverage for both user generated content and as a fun and memorable activation. Photobooths can be expensive, take up a space, and do not service virtual attendees. Snapbar is […]

What To Do When Your Event Internet Goes Down On-site

In today’s digital age, the internet is integral to events. Whether hosting an in-person or hybrid event, it is woven into every aspect and is a crucial factor in the overall success of on-site events. This can be difficult, however, as any disruption or internet outage on-site can be frustrating for attendees and event organizers […]