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How to Increase Event Attendance: 8 Tips

After numerous days of effort, and hours of planning and development, the time of the event has finally arrived.

As you prepare and join the event nervously, you find out that everyone has shown up and the positive aura is contagious. Ideas are being shared, and everything is going according to plan.

Wouldn’t it be awesome? 

In this article, we will highlight 8 tips to increase event attendance and how to implement them effectively.

Now an event, no matter how well-organized, can never be perfect. There will always be some room for improvement, no matter if it’s a physical or an online event. The strategy to assemble people and get them engaged remains the same.

However, there are some unique approaches to ensure a higher number of event attendees to your event. In this article, we’ll scope out some of the smartest ways to increase event attendance.

Feature a well-known personality

Having someone with a high reputation can drastically draw attention to any event and help get more event attendees. It helps to get people more engaged since someone who’s well-known symbolizes trust and confidence.

Reward those who show up 

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Reward your viewers with some useful eBook or a practical template as a token of appreciation. People love getting rewarded and it will garnish positive feedback and viewer satisfaction.

Or, run a giveaway!

Run a giveaway or gift

Running a contest prior to the event is one of the great ways to create hype around the event. The giveaway doesn’t have to be massive. Yet something subtle and meaningful reward can motivate viewers to attend the event.

Take advantage of linked in and Facebook group

One great thing about groups is that it’s composed of people with similar interests. Once again, it’s much easier to persuade users who have shown prior interest in the event or the topics it covers.

Set the stakes high from the start

Let the people know what’s coming. Create hype around the event with teaser posts and leverage the power of video and storytelling. Set the stakes high from the very beginning and create suspense. Don’t reveal 100% of the event occurrences, keep some things for the event itself. Remember, the goal is to add as much incentive as possible.

Run an AD with a good story

If you are able to separate an ad budget, it can help you get more event attendees. The magic is in the content of ads. As the market is getting saturated by the day, spending money is not enough. You will need an ad that captivates and inspires the audience.

Telling a story or better yet showcasing a testimonial via a Facebook ad could 2x event attendees and can set the frame for your event.

Get media to cover your event 

As long as the event aligns with a positive message, media coverage can garnish remarkable attention. It’s easier to persuade users who have shown prior interest in the event. However, traditional media coverage requires investments and extra planning so it’s better to tap into a blogging community and ask to promote the event. That way, you can limit unnecessary expenditure.

Make it easier to register for the event 

Let’s be honest, an unclear registration procedure can repel away numerous event attendees. Staying ahead and staying prepared is the key to making it easier for users to register for the event. Ensuring a seamless registration process requires adequate research and preparation. Things like multiple payment options, group registration, and discounts should all be sorted out prior to the registration.

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