Event Tech Consultants

We ensure that your tech stack supports integration and that you can add the functionality you require to your web app.

Evaluating your event

Our Goal

We work with the top brands in the world, producing cutting-edge technology solutions that not only solve practical challenges but also uplevel the overall attendee experience. We bring to each client a rich knowledge of various solutions that handle a myriad of use cases. We will be your partner to provide you the peace of mind when it comes to your technology stack.

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Integrating The Entire Ecosystem

Not only can we work with your event platform, but we can also assist with integrating the entire ecosystem: CRM, Marketing Automation platform, Mobile, onsite technologies, analytics, and BI. toronto plumber


Global Technology Standardization

For many of our clients, we can be found consulting them on a global standardized event tech stack. What are the benefits of such standardization?

  • Economies of scale
  • Increased innovation
  • Increased collaboration amongst event teams
  • Global contingency planning
  • Reduced load on data privacy
  • Reduction of technology costs
  • Streamline integration with internal marketing and CRM stack


By having a resource that oversees your entire tech stack, you gain significant opportunities for developing global data strategies that drive hyper-personalized experiences for your attendees. Imagine having your event data standardized in such a way where the systems know your  attendees' interaction across your event portfolio and can recommend other events, content, demos, sponsors, networking opportunities or perhaps products for purchase! Furthermore, imagine what a  single hub for  all events would look like built upon this personalization - this is the future of hybrid!


Training & Documentation

As part of our consultative experience, we will take time to document your use cases, create playbooks, matrices, contingency planning, and training for your global teams. This proves extensively helpful when striving to onboard new personnel or extend these solutions to other global or regional teams.

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