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Custom Agenda that allows attendees to build a plan outside of registration

The most successful events always cater to the attendee’s needs. Attendees have looking for a solution to build their agendas and easily manage them. With the custom agenda feature, you can quickly develop your plan online and then upload it to your event page to be distributed to attendees. This helps give attendees the flexibility they need to set their agenda.

Customized agendas increase the likelihood that attendees will sign up for sessions they love. The process of creating their own perfect experience is engaging in and of itself, and it will also help make attendees feel invested in their experience when they arrive.

While there are many ways to create a schedule, most are very limited or restrictive. That’s why BW Events designed this new Custom Agenda builder that resides outside of registration. To add or remove the classes or sessions from their schedule, your attendees can do it on a separate personalized page within the virtual site rather than requiring them to return to registration. On the whole, this allows attendees to customize their experience in more ways than ever before!

A brief overview of how to use the custom agenda builder 

Sign in with your BW Events account to get started with the custom agenda builder. You will then be presented with a series of menus, which you can use to set up your event. You can add and remove classes and sessions from the agenda already registered for your event. You can do it on a separate personalized page within the virtual site. For example, if your attendees have signed up for four different classes but would like to add two more, all they have to do is click and drag the sessions they want to add. Once they are finished adding the classes, click the save button. There are other aspects you will find in this agenda like it dynamically shows you the time zone you reside in. Also, you got an icon that allows you to dig in and see all the session details.

How attendees will benefit from using the new feature

  • The custom agenda builder allows you to create an engaging experience for your attendees quickly.
  • They can add or remove classes or sessions to their agenda on their terms, which helps keep them engaged.
  • The Custom Agenda builder also provides a seamless user experience. In this new tool, your attendees will not be required to return to registration when adding or removing a session.
  • They can do it on their agendas within the virtual site.
  • Your attendees can now easily see what sessions they have added to their schedule and what sessions they may want to add later.
  • They can see all their session information in one place, even when they are offline
  • They can build their schedule on their device, anytime, anywhere
  • The custom agenda builder gives your attendees the flexibility they need to set up their perfect experience

A few things to keep in mind when using the custom agenda builder

  • Your attendees will not be able to add or remove sessions on the same day as their original sessions. They will have to wait until after their actual sessions are over to make any changes.
  • Take the case of an event with three classes with two hours each. If an attendee wants to add another type, they will have to cancel their original class before registering for the new one.
  • You can only add one session per room. That means, if you have more than one class in the same room, your attendees won’t be able to add or remove them from the same page.
  • There is no capacity to change the order of the sessions. If you want to change the order in which your sessions are listed, you will have to go back to your events page and rearrange the order yourself.
  • The custom agenda builder requires the use of internet connectivity. Your attendees can access their custom agenda builder from their own devices.


As we have seen throughout this brief, the custom agenda builder gives your attendees the ability to build their schedules. They can also view the schedule for their event on their device, even when they are offline. It can help you increase attendance, retain guests, and promote your events more efficiently. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the new custom agenda builder. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us. Thank you, and good luck with your event.

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