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Solutions for Hybrid, Digital & In-Person Events

When people think of events, they often think of conventions, seminars, trade shows, or other large gatherings of people. However, events can also be much smaller gatherings of people who have something important they want to share with other people. These types of events can be as simple as two friends getting together to discuss their shared passion for woodworking or as complex as a multinational corporation holding a series of executive briefings on a worldwide basis. No matter the size or nature of the event, specific solutions can be applied to make it a success. Let’s talk about those solutions and how you can use them to improve the profitability of your events.

“Hybrid” Events: Combining Web and Live Participation

For many people, the idea of combining Web and live participation in an event is almost unthinkable. However, it should be considered by anyone willing to experiment. Here’s why: One of the biggest problems with attempting to do an online or phone conference for an event is getting people to show up. There are several reasons for this: Some people don’t want to be part of an online event because they are “afraid of computers.” Others have been burned in the past by people who took webinars seriously and then didn’t show up for the live event. Still, others feel that attending a live event will be more valuable than participating in an online event. However, if you do a good job setting up the event, it should be easy to overcome these objections.

One of the most powerful solutions for making events more effective is combining live participation with web-based participation. This “hybrid” solution has several benefits:

  • It gives people the chance to interact with each other personally that is not possible when everyone is sitting at a separate desk or table.
  • It gives people the chance to interact with you and your message personally that is not possible when they are only listening to a recorded message.
  • It gives people the chance to ask questions and get answers in real-time from someone right there in front of them.
  • It gives you the chance to tap into a much larger pool of people than you would be able to reach if you were only relying on people who showed up at the event itself.

“Virtual” Events: Using Technology to Amplify Your Event

Using technology to enhance an in-person event is often called a “virtual” or “augmented” presence. This is a very powerful way to increase the effectiveness of your in-person events.

When we use the word “Virtual” or “digital,” we usually think about technology to help with the presentation itself. However, digital can also mean using technology to help with the event’s organization.

The word “digital” can have two completely different meanings when used with marketing. On the one hand, it can refer to using technology to help you market your product or service. On the other hand, it can also mean using technology to enhance your attendees’ experience. In the case of an event, it is often very useful to use digital technology to make the event more effective

“In-Person” Events: Holding Your Event In Person

Rather Than Online, many people believe that holding an event in person is much more expensive than holding the same event online. However, this is not necessarily true. If you do a good job of planning, the actual cost of holding an in-person event can be quite a bit less than most people expect.

People give the biggest reason for not wanting to attend an in-person event is “the time difference.” Many people feel that they will lose money if they travel any significant distance to attend an event. However, these are false beliefs. If you do a good job of planning, you can ensure that all of your events are profitable no matter where your attendees are.

In conclusion,

In-person events used to be the mainstay of most direct response campaigns. But with the rise of technology, many organizations are finding that holding an in-person event is unnecessary, but it can also actually be counter-productive. In fact, for some campaigns, a digital or hybrid event will yield a higher ROI than an in-person event. However, there is still a place for in-person events in any successful marketing campaign. The trick is to use them intelligently.

If you are looking for solutions for your next event, we hope you consider BW Events. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your next event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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