BW’s 3rd Annual Holiday Giveback Program

For the past 3 years, BW Events Tech has facilitated a company wide program with the goal of helping others during the holiday season.  BW Events Tech’s “Holiday Giveback Program” enables team members to giveback to their local communities and to donate to organizations they are passionate about. The annual funds are evenly split between […]

Demystifying Tech Stack

BW Events Tech COO Rae Malcham joins us for a conversation about tech stack. While tech stack can seem intimidating, Rae assures us it is not. In fact, managing your tech stack is something every event planner should understand for more seamless event experiences. Full transcript V: Hi everyone, welcome. My name is Victoria […]

My Week On-site

A lot of work goes into making sure attendees have a flawless experience, but what does that really mean? Hi! My name is Emily Greagori, I am a technical project manager at BW Events Tech and last week I went on-site to support Oracle World 2023 and Oracle Health Conference. About 30 of us from BW […]

Widget of the Month- ExpoFP

It’s the first day of your event. You have hundreds to thousands of people coming to experience what you have been working on for months. Your event’s expo hall is about to open, and sessions will begin soon. How do you ensure that your attendees are able to accurately and easily find their way around […]

What do I bring on-site? BW’s In Person Event Checklist

Whether it’s your 1st in person event or 200th, as an event professional it’s good to be prepared. To help make sure you have the tools you need, we’ve asked some of our team members what their onsite must haves are. Check out what they said as well as our full in person event checklist below! Our […]

Unveiling the Process: How We Recommend Event Platforms

Choosing the right event platform is a critical decision for businesses looking to host successful events. With a myriad of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which platform aligns best with specific needs and objectives. To shed light on our proven process, we sat down with our CEO, Brandon Wernli, […]