Custom Widgets

We've created a library of interactive widgets that can be effortlessly integrated into almost any event platform.

What this includes

Custom Widgets / Engagement

We offer the following widgets:

• Engagement Gamification

• Arcade Games

• Quizzes

• AI-Powered Recommendation Carousels

• Avatar Builder

• Photobooth / Shout Out Tool

• Real-time Emoji Feedback

• Survey Overlays

• Push Notifications

• Event Calendar RSS Feed

...and more!

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Platform Agnostic

Our widgets were built to be platform agnostic. As long as you can embed an iFrame or leverage JavaScript, or if your platform has open APIs, our widgets will be ready for your audience


Customized to Brand

Our widgets can be customized to fit the brand or theme of your event


Results Driven

Our widgets aren’t just fun and engaging, they also drive real statistical value. Learn how our survey overlay increased survey response rates by over 200% or ask about how our arcade games increased sponsor leads by over 800%

Reach Your Goals

Data Privacy-Friendly

We architected our widgets to reduce the PII requirement so that they can be easily plugged in without concern of jumping through several privacy hurdles.

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Quotes/Wall of voices

Get started with BW Events

You can now make quotes and make your own sayings in our wall of voices page. Express your thoughts with us !!!
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