Designed with data in mind, ShowUp features an on-site badging system, lead retrieval and session scanning and combines all your event data in a singular place.

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This means you have instant access to sophisticated (and shareable!) reporting. Because it integrates with any registration system and is fully customizable, your event’s branding will always shine through with ShowUp.

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ShowUp add-ons

ShowUp License

This straightforward software is anything but basic. It includes on-site check in, session scanning and access to reporting.

Session Scanning + Access Control

Our session scanning includes device rental for up to 5 days, access control for session attendance and attendance reporting.

Lead Retrieval Licensing

Your exhibitors are only as strong as their leads. Our LR licensing includes different types of configurable questions, and a portal for sponsors to manage their licenses, questions and instantly access their leads.

On-Site Hardware

Not sure where to begin with hardware? No problem! We can help supply badges, printers and/or lanyards depending on your event’s unique needs.

On-Site Technical Project Manager

Event days can be stressful. Our problem solving TPMs will be there to support you with whatever tech problems you have, from questions related to your event platform to on-site troubleshooting.

On-Site Technical Lead

Worried about something in your tech stack or an integration? Need a bit of technical help? Our technical leads can be there to support your complex tech questions.

ShowUp gallery

Check out some of our favorite events that have used ShowUp for their on-site badge printing.

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