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BW Events Tech at Experiential Marketing Summit 2024


Las Vegas, NV [April 18, 2024] -BW Events Tech, a leading provider of innovative event technology solutions, is proud to announce the participation of its Vice President of Sales, Barry McDonald, and Chief Solutions Architect Tim Schmanski at the Experiential Marketing Summit 2024 (EMS) in Las Vegas. The event is scheduled to take place from April 24-26.

EMS 2024 promises to be a pivotal gathering for experiential marketers, offering a platform to address challenges and explore solutions essential for navigating the evolving landscape of experiential marketing. As stated by the conference organizers, “If experiential marketers are talking about it, we’re talking about it.” BW Events Tech is eager to engage with industry leaders, gain insights into the latest trends, and understand the pain points facing experiential marketers today.

“At BW Events Tech, we are committed to helping our clients love 100% of their tech stack, regardless of the platforms they use,” says Barry McDonald, VP of Sales at BW Events Tech. “Our platform-agnostic approach allows us to excel in finding the best solutions and maximizing the potential of existing event technology.”

BW Events Tech specializes in providing comprehensive event technology support, including building event sites, integrating SaaS tools, and customizing technology to ensure perfect brand synchronization. With a dedicated team of professionals, BW Events Tech empowers event teams to leverage their technology efficiently and effectively.

“We are excited to connect with industry peers and showcase how BW Events Tech can transform the way experiential marketers approach technology,” adds Tim Schmanski, Chief Solutions Architect at BW Events Tech. “Our goal is to empower event teams with the tools and support they need to create memorable and impactful experiences for their audiences.”

Attendees of EMS 2024 are invited to visit BW Events Tech’s booth to learn more about their innovative solutions and discover how they can revolutionize their approach to event technology.

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About BW Events Tech:

BW Events Tech is a leading provider of event technology solutions, specializing in event site development, SaaS tool integration, and customized technology solutions for experiential marketers. With a platform-agnostic approach, BW Events Tech helps clients maximize the potential of their technology stack and create seamless brand experiences.

About EMS 2024:

The Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) 2024 is the premier gathering for experiential marketers, offering insights, networking opportunities, and innovative solutions to address the challenges of the industry. For more information, visit the EMS 2024 website.

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