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It’s great to meet you! We love Cvent and we want to help you take your next Cvent event to the next level. Whether it’s expert configuration, being able to jump into your team ASAP or being available on a event by event basis, we’re here to help exactly where you need us.
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We have the best in the business. You’ll find that our event professionals are friendly, they are there to help, you can count on them when things get tough, they will follow through, but they are also extremely experienced in their craft.
Brandon Wernli, CEO

About BW

At BW Events Tech our top priority is to make sure your event is successful. Whether in-person, digital or both, we will find unique solution for your event tech needs so you can be free to do what you do best.

Our clients come to us from all spots in their journey. We will work with you from where you’re at in your planning process and see your event through. Our first step is just to listen and understand your unique needs. From there we can provide recommendations and start setting you up for success.

About BW

Why BW Events Tech


We are award winning event technologists who are recognized as industry experts by our peers.


Our 150+ global team members are trained on multiple platforms and tools for digital and in-person events.


We focus on making your tech stack work better so you can focus on doing what you do best.


BW industry experts up-level your event tech to hit your KPIs.


Our nimble event-ready turn around will bring your vision to life ASAP.


BW can be your budget savvy partners to identify and provide solutions that lead to big savings.


We are a truly global support means global support for all of your event needs.


Our bespoke integrations & customizations maximize engagement, data & ROI.


We boast quality design support with award winning UX/UI and full creative solutions support.


BW can be an extension of your team when and where you need it.

Cvent offering

Cvent offering

Need a bit of help with your Cvent platform? 

Learn how BW Events tech professionals can seamlessly integrate with your team and help you with your next Cvent event.

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Interested in learning more about practice implementation?

Check out our case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped our clients innovate, save money and meet their goals.

What we provide
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Custom Widgets

Looking to maximize retention and attendee experience on any event platform? Or maybe a little more fun in your next event? Our custom built widgets are just the thing.

BW Offering

We provide you with the best event tech professionals and technology solutions for your event.

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