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BW Events has provided event technology guidance always assess your requirements, to ensure that your event tech stack facilitates your event goals and objectives.

Custom Widgets

Arcade games

Our nostalgic arcade games are a big hit for any virtual event. Attendees will enjoy competing with other attendees on the leaderboard as they face off with Tetris, Space Invaders and Snake. Each game can be custom branded to align with the conference theme. 

Not only are these games enjoyable to your attendees, but also they have assisted in generating leads to sponsors and increasing engagement at your event. Ask us how we increased sponsor leads by over 800% through this use of these arcade games.

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Get the most out of the gamification platform experience by partnering with our consulting BW events professionals.
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Emoji Overlay Widget

Attendees may now use emojis to react in real time. We created emoji-based analytics so that we could confirm which words and phrases were the most popular throughout the live event, leading to many fascinating findings.

This widget can be embedded next to or as an overlay to any video player. Each emoji or background can be customized for each event.

Avatar Builder

Our avatar builder has been a big hit for many organizations. Attendees can personalize their own profile with a fun and engaging avatar. Use the avatar to add a little fun to any attendee directory or networking moment. Watch these avatars spread across Slack or Teams channels throughout your organization as a fun reminder of the event experience. 

This avatar builder is customizable to align with your conference theme. Looking for a fun way to express a unique holiday or super hero theme? The avatar builder is a tremendous addition to any event. 

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Photo Booth

The BW photo booth is a highly customizable experience where stickers, backgrounds and frames can all align with the event brand. 

Attendees can upload a photo or snap a selfie to be uploaded to social media or the event activity feed. Others will “like” the various memes created as a fun way to make memories for your event.

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Another element of the BW activity feed includes our shoutout widget.Attendees will enjoy seeing positive comments and shoutouts to their colleagues that include brandable backgrounds and the ability to “like” others’ positivity. This  feature has been a tremendous success for internal or team building events.

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We have developed an automated process for tracking attendance in order to provide CE credits or certification. This may include personal progress trackers and overall event leaderboards. Track who has made the most progress towards certification within your organization via these leaderboards.

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We have taken a page out of the YouTube’s, Amazon’s and Netflix’s books to ensure we optimize the experience of the digital consumer by using personalization engines. Imagine the ability to recommend sessions, demos, networking opportunities or sponsors based on the last behavior each individual attendees makes. Our personalized carousels can be embedded anywhere on your virtual or hybrid site. 

Quotes/Wall of voices

Allow attendees to voice their thoughts or express themselves on the “Wall of Voices”. This can also be a great medium for sharing inspiring quotes or quotable moments during the event. These “voices” can be displayed in the activity feed for others to view and “like.”


Provide attendees a fun widget for producing their own digital postcard. This will facilitate social sharing and allow the event to live on in the memories of the attendees!

YouTube-Style Comment

Our YouTube-style comments section provides an alternative approach to “chat” and comments. This comment section has been great for leaving feedback or replying to comments that are considered on-demand.



We can seamlessly embed a 1:1 chat support widget throughout your site. Our follow-the-sun support team can help ensure your attendees are receiving first-class support that crosses all time zones.

Speaker/Session Survey Overlay

Events throughout the industry struggle to obtain the needed survey responses in order to drive change. Our survey overlay has been proven to increase response rates by over 200% across all events for our clients.

Responsive Keynote Player

We all know that virtual attendees get easily distracted. While they may be viewing other content on the virtual or hybrid site, our responsive keynote will follow them throughout the experience so they don’t miss a beat!

SMS and Desk Modal Push Notifications

Send time sensitive push notification messages at critical times of your event. These notifications are brandable and can include deep links to various pages of your event experience. This form of messaging has been instrumental in driving attendee behavior and increasing exposure to sponsors.

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Quiz Widget

Test your attendee’s knowledge via our fun trivia quiz widget and see how well they score.

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With our photo booth, you'll have a lot more memories from your next celebration. We have a lot of themes along with a shoutout mechanism. Attendees can also react by liking posts and search for other posts from tags also. We are also building a version where you can comment on these posts.