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Widget of the Month – Amego


With on-site events finally returning to consistent levels, planners should consider how their attendees interact with their in-person event content. Consumer trends moving in favor of sustainability mean that paper and print outs will no longer suffice when it comes to agendas and speaker bios. Despite the busy spring event season JUST ending, planners need to think about their autumnal events now. When looking for an on-site event app, we recommend checking out Amego, our May Widget of the Month!

What is Amego?

While technically not a widget, Amego is an innovative mobile platform designed to revolutionize the event experience on both iOS and Android devices. With its modern tech stack, Amego elevates an attendee’s user experience by building a branded app that seamlessly integrates with the overall event experience. With its heavy emphasis on branding, Amego ensures that your event app reflects your event’s unique identity.

Amego works in tandem with popular event management systems (EMS) such as Cvent and Swoogo, allowing for seamless integrations and data synchronization. This integration empowers event organizers to leverage their existing tools while utilizing Amego’s mobile extension to enhance attendee engagement and overall event success.

By combining event data with various interactive tools and branding elements, Amego takes events to the next level. Whether it’s gamification features, optimized networking opportunities, or interactive meeting functionalities, Amego strives to provide a distinct and differentiated event experience.

How Can Amego Drive Event Engagement?

The Amego app offers a seamless attendee experience. Through its robust capabilities, Amego engages attendees by allowing them to:

  • Create and customize agendas
  • Leverage in app messaging
  • Receive segmented CRM driven personalized messages and push notifications 
  • Build and message a contact list

These features ensure attendees stay informed and engaged throughout the event. The best part? With Amego’s focus on customization, your attendees experience will completely align with your branding.

With the in app messaging, attendees can build contact lists, initiate one-on-one chats, and even schedule meetings with fellow participants, fostering meaningful connections and networking opportunities. These features are opt-in, allowing attendees to control their privacy settings while still actively participating in the event community. Taking it a step further, Amego extends messaging capabilities to sponsors and speakers. 

Finally, the most unique engagement tool with Amego is the “Quest” game. Fully integratable with the event’s EMS, event planners can create various “stops” for attendees to complete. As attendees progress and complete these stops, they earn points and rewards, adding an element of fun and gamification to the event experience.

Why Clients LOVE It

Clients love Amego because it just works. Out of the box, it is easily connectable to EMS capabilities and during the event it is always reliable. Amego understands that events are unpredictable and that’s why it designed its app to even function when your network has issues, so you don’t have the same worries as a wi-fi reliant app That’s because it works on airplane mode, so you don’t have the same worries as a wi-fi reliant app. Additionally it is modern, well priced and fully brandable. In teams of value it is hard to beat for an on-site app.

Where Can Amego Be Integrated?

This event app was designed with flexibility in mind. Amego can be Integrated with almost every major EMS, with analytics and marketing platforms, and with Youtube.

How to Get Amego for Your Next Event

Ready to learn even more? Check out the Amego website and book a meeting! The team can build a demo for you especially tailored to your brand. From there you will be able to download to check out the app in action!

Connect with the BW Events team here to find out how to use Amego at your next event. Looking to partner with BW Events Tech and be the next “Widget of the Month”? Connect with us at [email protected].

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