Professional Services

Depending on the demands of our clients, we offer a variety of event tech services.

Professional Services

Technical Professional Services

We offer Technical Project Managers, Architects, Contact Center, Custom Developers, FrontEnd Designers, Production and so much more. If you're looking for supplementary to white-glove service, we can do it all.

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What Do We Do?

BW Events has been advising agencies, event planners, and program managers on event technology over the past decade. We approach our clients in a couple of ways:

  1. We offer industry best-practice consulting on event technology.
  2. We recommend the best technology stack that aligns with your event needs.
  3. We architect your technology and create playbooks for standardizing across global teams.
  4. We have the resources to build and configure your events from end-to-end.

Meet Your Needs

We start by asking questions. Some of the most important questions revolve around understanding your goals or objectives with each event. In addition, it is important to understand your audience to ensure the technology used facilitates the success of your event.


Our Professional Services

Once we understand your objectives, we will align the resources needed for your success: technical project managers, architects, designers, custom developers, production and more.

Contingency Planning / QA

Manage Risk

We offer best-practice contingency planning for all of your events. This may include documenting potential vulnerabilities, architecting an escalation plan, ensuring contingencies are in place, and developing a load testing process.

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Follow-the-Sun Support

Dedicated Support

With the global reach of virtual events has come a need to provide a “follow-the-sun” support model for your attendee’s tech challenges. We offer 1:1 tech support chat for your attendees in any timezone. 

In addition, we have a team that is highly experienced in onsite tools such as: automated badging, session/lead scanning, spiff redemption, digital signage and more.

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Photo Booth

Get started with BW Events

With our photo booth, you'll have a lot more memories from your next celebration. We have a lot of themes along with a shoutout mechanism. Attendees can also react by liking posts and searching for other posts from tags. We are also building a version where you can comment on these posts.

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