Professional Services

Needing to scale your event technology services? We offer technical project managers, architects, production, front and back-end engineers, quality assurance, creative and more.

Professional Services

Technical Professional Services

We offer Technical Project Managers, Architects, Contact Center , Custom Developers, FrontEnd Designers, Production and so much more! If you’re looking for supplementary to white-glove service, we can do it all.
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What We Do?

BW Events has been advising agencies, event planners, and program managers on event technology for more than a decade.

Meet Your Needs

Our expertise will thoroughly examine your needs, offer appropriate solutions,whether you are arranging a virtual or in-person event: architect, project management, design, configuration etc.

Our Professional Services

Our services examine your present IT security architecture and design, offering unbiased recommendations to assist you handle current and future issues.

Risk management

End-to-End Testing

Need to build a QA plan for your events? We have experts with years of experience developing QA processes, contingency planning and implementation of load testing.

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we support you

Contact Center Support

We have a team of specialists that are trained in dozens of event platforms. We provide follow-the-sun attendee tech support chat to ensure that any issue gets resolved quickly!

Photo booth

Photo booth

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