Tell us about your event and what you’re trying to accomplish? Not sure what might be possible, no problem! We can help you weed through the dozens of virtual solutions in order to find those that fit your event needs. If you’d like, we don’t have to stop there, we can guide or even build your virtual event from start-to-finish!

We have often observed that when the wrong solutions are implemented, an increased investment in human capital may be needed to fill the gap. Team members work late hours on clunky solutions and burn-out happens quickly. At other times, investments are made to patch faulty solutions in order to meet business requirements. In addition to these inefficiencies, BW can review your supplier contracts to ensure your organization is getting the most competitive pricing possible. 

We offer several options for a virtual event depending on needs and budget. We can help architect a virtual or in-person event for any budget. 

The BW team will assess your event KPIs and work with you to develop a documented data strategy. This may include factors such as: data privacy processes, global data standardization, cross-event and YoY reporting, predictive analytics, BI dashboards and more. 

Although we have developers that can build custom solutions, we are solution agnostic. We can recommend the solutions that will fit your event needs.

Absolutely! We will work with your data privacy team in order to understand your organizations standards and processes for the proper security of your data. In doing so, we will help ensure that these processes are implemented across your events. Furthermore, our technical project managers can work with your suppliers to ensure that they meet your organizations InfoSec requirements

We have vast experience with in-person events ranging from 10-50,000 people. We can architect your onsite technology plan which includes but is not limited to: conference network, on-demand badging, session scanning/tracking, BLe, RFID, AI/ML solutions, digital signage, AV, facial recognition and more. 

This is a very common challenge. You found yourself in a contract and realize the solution isn’t meeting your needs! Our team is trained in dozens of platforms and can help creatively make the most of your current tools. In addition, we have the resources to supplement your tools with custom plug-ins (as applicable) to help hit your business needs. We will work with your suppliers to ensure you are getting the most out of their solutions. We will also prepare an architected proposal that puts together the right tools for your event needs.

Whether your simply needing industry consulting on event technology best practice or someone
to supplement your registration or mobile build, we are happy to help fill any gaps on your team.

Are you looking to bolster the design of your event website and communication? We will work with your organizations brand team and guidelines to help design the most professional and on-brand experience possible.