Custom Widgets

We've created a library of interaction widgets that can be effortlessly integrated into almost any event platform.

What this includes

Custom Widgets / Engagement

We have built a catalog of engagement widgets that can plug in seamlessly to most any event platform. This includes: photobooths, arcade games, engagement gamification, emoji feedback widgets, shout-out tools, certification/CE trackers, 1:1 tech support chat, quizzes, and more.
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anticipate the total Engagement

We help you anticipate the total Engagement measure to incorporate numbers from all of your connected social profiles. You'll see a total of Favorites and Retweets if you only have Twitter connected.

How It Works

If you have both Twitter and Facebook data in your dashboard, the total number of Favorites + Retweets will be added to your Facebook metrics clicks+comments+likes+shares over the given time period. That's how we help you work.

create engagements

We make widgets that create engagements and attract the audience.We have more than a lifetime of market experience and have completed hundreds of projects that are known to be trendy and well-designed over that time.

Reach Your Goals

Create Software AnD Reach Your Goals

Furthermore, we have aided businesses from all over the world by creating software that satisfies stakeholders' business needs and is well-liked by end-users.

Save GoalThat’s a lot of money for an smartwatch,average price of smartwatch is $350.Wow, are you sure?420USDSet Up A MonthlyBudget GoalMyWallet

our clients our priority

Our Priority

Because we regard our clients' preferences, we develop the layout to their demands. We double-check that everything is mobile-friendly and shown accurately.

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