Atlassian’s Custom Roadmap

Problem Statement

Atlassian had a late start to their Teams ’21 virtual event. Because they are a tech company, having a cuttting-edge event is critical to their image. Atlassian had many plans for that year including:
• AI-powered recommendations
• New SSO
• Global search capabilities
• Advanced bookmarking
• Ability to schedule on-demand content to personal calendar
• Integration with Kaltura for video progress tracking
• Time zone management
• Briefcase tool that permits the hosting of PDFs and other resources
• Curated journeys… and more
The challenge? Their current platform didn’t offer these features AND the event was 2.5 months out – it was time to get started!

Solution to the Roadmap Challenge

BW was on-boarded 2.5 months before the event. Immediately, BW organized a team of technical project managers, architects, front-end and back-end developers.

BW orchestrated a holistic project management approach (using Atlassian Trello boards) and managed multiple parallel/concurrent development tracks to ensure all work was conducted efficiently and while ensuring 3-4 weeks for testing. This would allow for cross-team testing, Atlassian executive testing. cross-platform/vendor load testing, and code freeze.

All aspects of the event were built, deployed and tested in time for their event. It was an absolute project management and development marvel!


• During an event of over 20k people, the support team (BW provided a follow-the- sun chat support) had no P0 issues recorded. A great testament to the development quality, testing and contingency planning

• The number of total issues (or lack therefor) necessitated us removing support staff from several shifts as chat channels were largely quiet due to overall seamlessness of event


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