Adobe & ServiceNow: Calendaring Challenge

Problem Statement

Adobe and ServiceNow both expressed frustration with the challenge that comes with administering hundreds of sessions at their event. For example, if a session isn’t sufficiently popular, it may be canceled or shifted to a more convenient time. After changes are made, attendee communication ensues. Furthermore, attendees that previously added that session to their calendar now have to make a manual change as well.

The virtual environment benefits greatly from calendar reminders. Because attendees are often conflicted with other competing objectives, behaviorally, if a calendar reminder doesn’t prompt, its likely other influences will capture our attention. Both Adobe and ServiceNow made a request to RainFocus to add an RSS calendar feed to their product. Unfortunately, this request wasn’t approved due to other priorities.

Solution to the Calendaring Challenge

BW works with SaaS platform providers in order to help them focus on their product while partnering to address the custom requirements of their clients. RainFocus clients often benefit from the BW team because we are able to develop custom solutions that might not fit into a platform provider’s product road map. Such was the case here for Adobe and ServiceNow.

Within a couple weeks, BW built an RSS feed that allowed attendees to receive automated updates to their personal calendar any time a session changed, was added or removed. On the attendee’s personal calender, BW implemented a deep-link to the session profile page so that a calendar reminder was accompanied with a link to begin watching the session right away!


• Adobe had a significant adoption for their first deployment of this solution. They had over 60,000 people leverage the RSS feed which constituted nearly 50% of their attendees

• This solution can now be deployed for other RainFocus clients in just 2-3 days. Other platforms can leverage this widget


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